There is only one thing I hate worse than broccoli and little bug-eyed yappy dogs. I hate whiny.

That leads me to comments from Cobb School Board member Charisse Davis’ Facebook page that were forwarded to me recently. She was very whiny.

Davis got called out in this past Saturday’s Around Town for advocating a more formal means of communicating between the board and the Cobb County commission. Only she failed to alert Commissioner Bob Ott, who represents the same area of the county she does, about the board’s proposed use of eminent domain on a piece of property just south of Walton High School.

Ott says he found out about the effort when a constituent contacted him regarding a sign posted near the property advertising the school board’s intentions.

In her Facebook post, Davis doesn’t apologize for not walking her talk. None of this seems to be her fault. That is textbook whiny.

She says, “The latest Around Town (in the MDJ) questions my recent agenda item (regarding district and county collaboration) and lack of communication with Commissioner Bob Ott. While the paper positions this as some sort of “gotcha”, it only further supports my position that we should formalize our communication with the Board of Commissioners.”

She adds, ”For reference, I asked our board to explicitly place the responsibility of defining the process through which we communicate with the Board of Commissioners into the roles and responsibilities of the board chair (rather than 100% relying on an ad-hoc process). We voted 4-3, in a partisan vote, not to do this.”

Does she mean that mean a school board member can’t talk to a commissioner until they “formalize communications?” (“Sorry about sandbagging you, Mr. Commissioner, but you must understand we haven’t defined a process by which to communicate with you. If I just picked up the phone and give you a courtesy call, I might get a runny nose. Plus, I would lose a jolly good reason to whine.”)

Then Davis goes into whine overdrive: “While I am on the topic of the MDJ, I’d like to share a few more thoughts. Ideally my relationship with the paper would be mutually beneficial — the readership of the paper is informed with the happenings of the district, and I am able to communicate facts and opinions. Unfortunately, the MDJ has repeatedly monetized fear and outrage through race-baiting and outright distortion of my positions (not to mention them always using a completely unflattering photo!). I am not really sure what to do with this observation, even if it is just to say that it has been a disappointing experience so far.” Whine. Whine.

I will tell you what to do. In the first place, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the political kitchen. There’s no whine in politics. It is for big boys and girls. If you think the paper has distorted your positions, go sit down with the editors and talk to them about those positions. While you are there, furnish them a photo you would suggest they use in the future. (Geez, do I think of everything?)

As for “race-baiting,” that is in the eye of the beholder. I found your comments about having to serve on the school board with “four older people, and you know, four white males,” bordering on racist, sexist and ageism. You see, this stuff works both ways.

Your problem is that you are focused on the wrong enemy. It is not your fellow school board members. It is not the media. While you harangue and whine and go all pity-poor-me on us, you are surrounded by Republican members of the Cobb legislative delegation (including a bunch of white guys) who are like flesh-eating bacteria trying to suck the life out of the very school system you are supposed to represent. Yet, you don’t say a word about the potential impact of private school vouchers on our public schools and on those who teach within them. You just make their job easier with your self-absorbed chest-thumping.

Damning you with faint praise, I can’t believe that you are so politically naive as to not understand that your crusade to alter the senior citizen school tax emption would require an act of the Legislature. It makes me question whether you are really serious about the matter. If so, I would suggest you quit complaining on Facebook about how the world (and the MDJ) is mistreating you and go do your homework.

Don’t take anything I say today as a reason not to continue whining. It makes great column fodder. Just don’t play the race card. Before you came along, there were Drs. John-John (Abraham and Crooks.) In their one tumultuous term on the school board, they took more shots in this space than a wounded duck. And those two whiners were as white as new-driven snow.

Whining knows no race, creed or color. And I hate whining worse than broccoli and little bug-eyed yappy dogs.

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