There is nothing in the column by Rev. D. Nelson L. Price, appearing in the MDJ of Saturday/Sunday, May 1/2, 2021 that even remotely proves that racism is a two-way street. In fact, writing from his privileged white life, he betrays his own racism, which by the way each of us, including myself, possesses who are part of the white plurality.

He mentions that he was “abused by a couple of black nurses while in the hospital for five weeks.” He does not describe what those abuses were, but he is quick to provide that he was “also blessed and well treated by others” with no mention of skin color. Now I practiced urological surgery for over 50 years, mostly in three academic centers in three different states, and cannot believe that these two nurses were racists. What power did they yield over Dr. Price? Did they humiliate him because of his skin color? They possibly treated him badly from his perspective, but I sincerely doubt it was racist.

I agree with the important Christian lessons of love, grace and kindness espoused in the majority of his column. But when was he ever denied entrance to anything because of the color of his skin, told where he could drink water, or where he could or couldn’t eat, where he could and could not stay overnight, felt fear when a policeman pulled him over, told where he could and could not purchase property or a dwelling, or told he couldn’t vote?

Our local Presbyterian church has a small group of members who meet on ZOOM every two weeks trying to understand what racism in this country is all about. We are on our second book, “White Fragility — Why it’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism” by Robin Diangelo. I would invite Rev. Dr. Price to read this book and then write another column after reading it. That would be an act of Christian Love!

The authoress, who is white, states at the end of Chapter 5 the following, “Racism is so deeply woven into the fabric of our society that I do not see myself escape from that continuum in my lifetime.” To that I say AMEN!

Ronald W. Lewis M.D.

Elder, Kirkwood Presbyterian Church, Outreach Team



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Howard Peterson

If you and a group of people are reading White Fragility, you have succumbed to 4 evil words: "You Are A Racist"!! I can't believe you would even mention that book. You have been brainwashed. Grow up and admit it!!

Howard Peterson

An after thought. I don't see the racism supposedly happening every day that you see. Whether I'm working or playing, I see people being treated fair & square just like I expect to be treated. One of the morals gleaned from the book was that if you are "white" and you talk about racism, then you are considered a "white supremacist". Count me OUT!! I don't want to be associated with those 2 words!!

George Don Spruill

Dr. Lewis, I've got a book YOU and the members of your ZOOM group need to read...written by one of the best Black thinkers in America, Dr. Thomas Sowell. He's diagnosed YOUR problem and the people in your group's problem. It is "White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era". He wrote specifically about people like your group. By the way, the book "White Fragility" shouldn't be read by anyone who wants to have a serious understanding about racism. Like Mr. Peterson said, it is brainwashing. Oh, and if Dr. Price said he received racist treatment while he was in the hospital, I believe it. I've been reading his column for a number of years now, and I have found him to tell nothing other than the truth. You? I don't know you from Adam. (Adam was the first man created by the Lord God Almighty and placed in the Garden of Eden. You'll find his story in the first chapter titled "Genesis" in another book your little book club should read, "Holy Bible". You can find this book in Amazon along with the book your group seems to really follow; "White Fragility...".

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