Dear Editor:

Bob Barr’s Nov. 4 “progressive virtue signal” column is bizarre. He thinks it’s “virtue signaling” to be outraged by the actual deplorable words and deeds of those whose words and deeds rightly deserve condemnation from any reasonable and decent society.

Rather than being repulsed by white supremacist symbolism, he’s disgusted with those who are repulsed by white supremacist symbolism. Rather than being concerned by Trump’s equivocation on condemning the tiki-torch racists in Charlottesville, he’s disgusted by people who have a problem with a president who was at best riding the fence on racism. Rather than being shocked and appalled by the violent insurrection stirred up by the biggest sore loser of a president the country has ever seen, he’s disgusted by those who are shocked and appalled that for the first time in American history, our great nation did not have a peaceful transition of power between presidents ... a shameful moment in our history that should shock all who cherish democracy.

He then puts the cherry on top of his gaslighting parade of words by saying it’s actually “thin-skinned progressives” who are joyless and paranoid, not far-right columnists like himself who routinely opine in this newspaper that the big bad government is hiding behind every tree for any chance to steal his precious guns. I implore anyone who takes Barr’s columns seriously to consider just how far-removed from reality his perceptions have drifted.

R.L. Bays



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George Don Spruill

You need to get your news from reliable sources, rather than the liars at CNN, MSNBC, the alphabet networks, so that you’re not perceived as a liar like they are. Your statements are, frankly, laughable. However, repeating the lies about Charlottesville make you look really foolish. Get educated. Then send letters. You’re wasting your time and ours.

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