Adding more and more traffic lanes cannot solve traffic gridlocks, which are commonplace on I-285, I-75 and I-20 and more. Nor can it reduce air pollution and noise.

Cobb has to improve pedestrian and bicycle paths and invest in non-polluting people-friendly public transportation, like Bus Rapid Transit and Electric-track free Trams, as are being incorporated in many progressive cities in the U.S. and elsewhere . There are also ways to reduce parking spaces and parking demand in public places like streets. Greening of streets is health-giving.

While planning for improved transportation we need to put people above cars. After all, cars as well as public transportation are to serve people. Correct zoning can also reduce the need to hop into a car to buy every tiny essential. To conclude, adding more and more lanes is a totally obsolete choice.

Asit N Sengupta



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George Don Spruill

Sometimes the GA DOT is just plain funny. Here’s an example; there is a long stretch of four lane road on South Cobb Drive with lots of apartments. People trying to cross from one side to the other on foot would have to go a long way to cross at the next traffic light…so they don’t. The “geniuses” at the DOT put in one pedestrian traffic-lighted crossing, in the vain hope that pedestrians will walk far down to it to get across. It’s like adding another stop light to walk very far out of the way to get to. You never see it being used.

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