Dear Editor:

In this MDJ of Oct 2/3 2021, instead of reading how Democrats continue to lie about hordes of illegal immigrants streaming across our southern border, or how the Democrat party is coming unraveled over whether to spend $1.2 or $3.5 trillion, or continue to claim the Afghanistan debacle was a success, we get this headline: "Cobb GOP censures Gov. Kemp."

The censure is for "failure to keep his campaign promises and meet his obligation to end illegal immigration in the state of Georgia." This even though Gov. Kemp has no legal right to end illegal immigration. This is solely a responsibility delegated to the federal government by the U.S. Constitution.

Another resolution is to prevent organizations such as Wellstar Health System from requiring employees to be vaccinated (for Covid-19.) Health organizations have a right and in fact an obligation to ensure their employees do not jeopardize the health of patients who might have complicating morbidities. 

A third resolution calls for a statewide forensic audit of the 2020 and Jan. 2021 elections. Such an audit would have no benefit in terms of changing the outcome. 

It may be too late to change the 2021 results, but it is not too late to recover Cobb's red county status for the 2022 mid-terms. The first step for the Cobb GOP would be to stop passing senseless and self-aggrandizing resolutions; as the MDJ put it recently, no more "circular firing squads." Next the GOP needs to develop a sensible platform that is agreeable to most. Most importantly, the Cobb GOP needs to identify and recruit viable candidates for the upcoming mid-terms, including our 6th District U.S. House seat which we lost the last two election cycles. Oh yeah, let's stop the open bickering with The Young Republicans. Work out your differences behind closed doors, then present a unified front.

John Johnson



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