I attended the Cobb Election Town Hall on 5/18/21 hosted by Cobb Chairwoman Lisa Cupid and Cobb Election Director Janine Eveler to discuss the new changes included in the recently passed election legislation SB202. I naively envisioned it would be some type of back-and-forth exchange where folks in attendance would have an opportunity to directly ask the host questions and have a meaningful interaction. In that area I was greatly mistaken! Instead of being able to directly voice your questions you were handed an index card to write down your question and Ms. Cupid and her staff picked and chose which ones they felt worthy of answering. It quickly became obvious to those in attendance that no difficult or controversial questions were going to be addressed that night. Personally I wanted to ask why Cobb County Elections Board is still attempting to accept over $1 million from an outside group which is clearly outlawed in the new law – unfortunately my question was not addressed.

This Town Hall really should have been advertised as a forum where “We Talk You Listen and You Be Quiet!” Though Ms. Cupid often felt free to offer her various opinions and insights throughout the gathering, the taxpayers and concerned citizens present were on a different level and we were not offered that type of opportunity to express our ideas and thoughts. In fact, Ms. Cupid directly reminded us on several occasions that she was not interested in any type of back-and-forth dialog! By the end of the night a lot of folks after sitting respectfully for almost two hours had heard enough and a large contingent just got up and stormed out of the town hall disgusted to feel they had been treated more like children than concerned citizens and county taxpayers!

It was particularly rich (and telling) when Ms. Cupid actually threatened the audience members by letting everyone know that law enforcement is on hand to remind the children how to properly act in such a gathering! A reminder to Ms. Cupid — we are not your subjects — we are concerned Cobb County Citizens and taxpayers and we don’t appreciate being talked down to by our elected representatives!

Eugene Williams



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George Don Spruill

Eugene, you’re dealing with Democrats. Haven’t you watch their behavior during the pandemic..,the blue governors of California, New York, Michigan, NJ, etc.? “Do as we say...not as we do.” When the ignorant voters of Cobb County turned the reins of government over to Democrats, they turned the reins over to Democrats. I’m watching the behavior of the Three Blind Mice — Jaha and his Dem buddies and shaking my head. You get what you vote for people. Haven’t you learned anything?

Mike Nelson

Cupid and her squad will not answer any tough questions and if you oppose their views you’re a racist. Get use to it

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