I was disgusted this morning as I read about the disharmony on the school board. Why the waste of time reporting Cobb Schools for loss of accreditation? Just how exactly is this completely political move helping the students and teachers? The immaturity being shown by the three members is an embarrassment to Cobb parents, teachers and students.

Why are they taking their ball and going home? Why don’t they just resign from the board and find a group that is more in line with their ideas. Or learn how to properly present ideas, work with your fellow board members and accept the result of the vote. The fighting and arguing is not acceptable to the community.

Let’s demand from the school board what is most helpful to the teachers and students. The three members pounding their fists on the table are doing it for attention. We see you and are not impressed by your behavior. If they want their policies enacted then they need to get another person elected on the board who agrees with them. Four to three carries the day while this is still America. Stop showing off and grow up and act like adults!

Lynne C Brown



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Mike Nelson

Why would anyone be surprised of these 3 board members. It’s your typical democratic agenda. If you don’t agree with us we will immediately call you a racist. We won’t work with other people it’s our way or no way. This country is so divided now this shouldn’t be any surprise. If you voted them in don’t complain. You wanted change well you got it.

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