The White House and congressional leaders have reached a deal on the “Build Back Better” economic recovery plan. This plan is a transformative step forward in helping empower Georgians after the pandemic and will significantly impact the economy of metro Atlanta.

In its latest report released this October, the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics stated that the Atlanta metro area has the highest inflation rate among major metro cities at almost 8%. This plan extends the new Child Tax Credit payments another year, meaning children already lifted out of poverty this year won’t be pushed back down next year, and provides much needed assistance to low-income renters to help them afford rent which is critical at this time amid the latest report of rising inflation.

The “Build Back Better” plan will immediately help those in need, especially in the metro Atlanta area and boost economic recovery.

Munzir Naqvi



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Howard Peterson

You must know more than the rest of us! I know of no deal reached on the so-called "Build Back Better" plan. You only mention child care payments so I would guess that you like those "freebies" don't you???? Kids can sure keep people from working a job can't they?

Butch Smith

Did you even read the bill or are you just looking for the free stuff?

George Don Spruill

For most of my life I’ve watched the Congress pass welfare bills which always helped the South more than we contributed because of Southern poverty. The bills themselves — an example is LBJ’s “War on Poverty” — never did a thing for the general welfare of the country. This latest infrastructure bill is AOC’s and Bernie Sander’s “Green New Deal”…a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We’re citizens of the United States of America. A bad bill for the country is a bad bill for Georgia, even if it helps Georgia in some ways. This only shows what happens when Socialists (Democrats) are in the majority. We must defeat these people in 2022 and in 2024.

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