A couple of subscribers have criticized the MDJ for including Kevin Foley’s columns on your opinion page. I commend you for trying to provide your readers with differing points of view on the issues of the day.

Mr. Foley provides an articulate balance to the predictable, grievance-based rants of Bob Barr and the nostalgic conservatism of Roger Hines.

I prefer to think I am a moderate on the political spectrum, as are the majority of our citizens. There are traditional values and standard that have withstood the test of time, and we as a nation should maintain them. I also believe that there have been and still are areas in our political and social structures that can be improved upon, and we need to collectively address them.

I appreciate your journalistic credo.

Edward Allison



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George Don Spruill

You can think of yourself as a moderate on the political spectrum. You’re not. You’ve been carefully groomed to think what we’re seeing and hearing — socialism and Communism— is moderation. It’s not. Kevin Foley’s no moderate either. He’s a willing tool of the political Left. So are you.

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