Why do too many Americans want to live in the tragedies of the past? Is this the constant human need to be suffering and downtrodden or has it been a handy tool for fascists to use to achieve dominance during the last two hundred years? Darwin, Freud, and Marx hated Christianity and Western Civilization. We see historic veins of their philosophies in Critical Race Theory.

They all had to discredit the modernist ideas of rationality, freedom of the individual, and transcendence. Jesus walked and taught these principles 2000 years ago. The Sermon on the Mount is one of the foundational documents of Western Civilization.

Martin Luther fathered the Protestant Reformation with these same notions in 1517, and his namesake, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., stood in front of the Lincoln Memorial, and declared his dream. Having seen hatred up close and its complete darkness, he did not choose race as the way forward for his children. His life should be a testament to all! This is what should be taught in our schools.

Critical Race Theory tries to send us “back to the future.” This is NOT the current reality. It is no coincidence that CRT is anti-individual, anti-freedom of speech, anti-debate, anti-Christian, and anti-Western Civilization. The goal is not to eliminate racism. It is to eliminate the foundations of our country.

Dr. Jordan Peterson, clinical psychologist and professor in Canada, starts his psychology class with the following question: Do you realize that you could be a Nazi? Until you realize that possibility, you can not be educated!

Jim Cole



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