Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin, in a 1766 letter to his sister, observed, "Take one thing with another, and the World is a pretty good sort of a World; and ’tis our Duty to make the best of it and be thankful."

As Cobb Countians prepare the turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie to celebrate Thanksgiving Day this year, we asked local leaders what they were thankful for this season. Here are their answers: 

"In a year of ups and downs, I’m most thankful for the people in my life — family, friends, coworkers, MCS district colleagues, neighbors and the community people I meet here and there. It is these human connections that have sustained and inspired me this year. I’m also very grateful the voters of Marietta Ward 5 elected me to serve another term on BOE. I’m happy to continue do great work for our MCS students."

Angela Orange, chair, Marietta Board of Education

“I'm thankful for family. I'm thankful for what the community has done for me, and thankful to my church and my God. I'm just blessed to be here … thankful for those family who have survived and supported me all the way through my career and in what I do. My God is the one that (helps) me make it through. Whatever happens in your life, he's always there for you."

—Cobb Superior Court Senior Judge Adele Grubbs

“For life — just the gift of life. If you reflect on it, there’s many people who aren’t here right now, and it’s a blessing to be able to have things to complain about. Then we have a fighting chance of being able to resolve the things that we’re complaining about, so God is good.”

— Lisa Cupid, chair, Cobb Board of Commissioners

“Within the Jewish tradition, our prayers teach us to begin each day with gratitude. Each day is a blessing and is filled with opportunity and potential. But, as we all know, we can't take life for granted. This Thanksgiving, I am grateful to the greater Cobb County community for welcoming my family and sharing their love with us. Having such a supportive community allows us all to lift up one another and share in each other's blessings. May we all continue to make each day special and filled with love for one another.”

Larry Sernovitz, senior rabbi, Temple Kol Emeth

“Life, health and strength. Because it's important, all that we've gone through in the last 18 months, with people dying — over 700,000 people — that's got to be the top of my list.”

— Powder Springs Mayor Al Thurman

"This last month has made me ever more thankful for love and family. I almost lost my wife and unborn daughter, thank God for the emergency c-section that saved them both. My family, work and church have been tremendous in their support of my family, as well as our community. Be blessed and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!"

— Cobb District Attorney Flynn Broady

“I am thankful for my wife of 30 years who is recovering from appendicitis surgery. I am grateful for the blessing of cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my father and mother who are 83 years old. My heart is appreciative for the caring family of faith who supports us in our journey."

Michael Lewis, lead pastor, Roswell Street Baptist Church

"When the pandemic hit, we really took it serious, because at our age, you know, you get scared. You don’t really know what’s going to happen in life. And then for three months later (husband Jesse Bonner) is diagnosed with cancer. The last year and a half for me has been so life changing, because I’m thinking there was some days I was looking at him, and I may become a widow. That life and death thing with me for the last year, because it went from August to February of this year before he got cancer free, so I’m really thankful for family, certainly thankful for the blessing of now having a cancer-free husband, but I think just life period for me, because I’ve been so blessed. And to still come through. I’m convinced I have made a contribution and this past year has shown me that. I have not ever been able to realize that I have made a contribution. And I appreciate it. I appreciate it to the point that, let me tell you, I go to the Strand, the place is packed. Not a seat no place, but Andy is going to find me a seat, so I’m in the second row. I go to an event in Atlanta at the Gathering Place on Thursday, and the girl gets up and says, ‘I know she’s not going to like this, but I’m going to do it anyway,’ gives this long dissertation about who I am, what I did. So at this event, now everybody wants to come up and take a picture with me. Know what I’m saying? The affirmation has been so confirmed that whatever small little or tiny thing, it has been received well and I am at peace with what God meant for me to do and I did it and the accolades are there."

Deane Bonner, president emeritus, Cobb County NAACP

"I am thankful for my husband of nearly 17 years, that our parents are healthy and part of our boys lives, a large, loving extended family, supportive friends, a home that is rarely quiet because it is filled with four growing boys and their friends, the Marietta community and a new opportunity to serve our students and their families."

— Jaillene Hunter, Marietta school board member-elect

“I am always thankful for my life, health and ability to serve the Cobb citizens in this capacity. I am particularly grateful in light of the many people who have been adversely affected during the pandemic and unable to be with their families this holiday season.”

— Cobb Superior Court Judge Kellie Hill

“I am looking forward to visiting again with some old friends for Thanksgiving. I am also glad to see so many of our people feel safe enough to venture out again, and I am hoping to see some of them at our 10 a.m. Mass on Thanksgiving Day.”

— Monsignor John Walsh, St. Joseph Catholic Church

“I’m going to keep it very simple this year, because it’s been a very, very tough year. To be quite honest, I’m just thankful that we’ve all come across the other side, and there’s so many that haven’t, whether it be for COVID or so many different reasons. Right now I am just thankful for my health, my family, and that we are all here to see 2022.”

—State Rep. Erick Allen, chairman, Cobb Legislative Delegation

“All the gifts God continues to provide me with - family, health, friends and a community that comes together for the benefit of all."

- Commissioner Keli Gambrill 

“Personally, I am thankful for family, friends, health, and happiness. Professionally, I’m thankful to be surrounded by colleagues and staff that support our mission in the courts and improve public confidence in the judiciary."

— Cobb Superior Court Chief Judge Robert Leonard

“I am thankful for a constituency that trusts me to serve them.”

— Commissioner Monique Sheffield

“I’m thankful that all but the tiniest members of my family are able to be vaccinated, so for the first time since 2019 my parents are going to have all six of their children and almost all of the grandchildren together.”

—State Rep. Teri Anulewicz

"I’m thankful for the Marietta Daily Journal, the finest newspaper in Georgia, that they have done such a wonderful job covering big current events in the state and in our neighborhoods, so I think they deserve a great Thanksgiving.”

Neely Young, former publisher, Georgia Trend magazine

"I’m thankful for the health of my family and the freedom that we enjoy as Americans."

—Former Gov. Roy Barnes

AT returns next week, taking Saturday off to be with family. As you gather with various aunts, uncles and cousins who perhaps don't share your political weltanschauung, a little advice from Oscar Wilde: "After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one's own relatives."


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George Don Spruill

“For life — just the gift of life. If you reflect on it, there’s many people who aren’t here right now, and it’s a blessing to be able to have things to complain about.” Lisa Cupid. Are you kidding me? How can a Democrat, the party of abortion, say that they are for life? Of the estimated 65,000,000 babies aborted since Roe v. Wade in 1973, an estimated 20,000,000 are Black. That’s 30% of a population which makes up only 13% of the U.S. population. Sickening.

gee whiz

Dear sir, You might now realize abortion is as old and as certain as are death and taxes. Roe v. Wade did not create and does not create abortion. Roe v. Wade established law that allows medicine to keep pregnant ladies from dying during an abortion they're going to have, one way or another, thus enabling them to perhaps choose a baby at some point in their future. Roe v Wade also has no standing outside the USA, yet abortions are not exclusive to the USA. Like Covid, it's worldwide. It happens everywhere. Only question is if the lady lives or possibly dies. Lisa Cupid chose "lives." Your party is the one that chooses possible death for the lady who isn't having any baby right now and/or in conjunction with the other set of genes that were provided. Folks wonder how anti-abortion jibes with pro-death-penalty. There we have it. A clear explanation. THE explanation: Both of the surface-contrary positions held by the GOP are actually the same position: They're both about punishing people who (perhaps) did something others do not approve of.

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