Marjorie Taylor Greene

Cobb Democrats let out a cry of alarm this week upon learning that part of the 14th Congressional District represented by lightning-rod Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene was drawn into Cobb County.

“CALL TO ACTION!” the Cobb Democratic Committee roared on social media, warning if you live in the Austell or Powder Springs area, Greene could be your new congresswoman.

“Not kidding,” Cobb Dems continued. “Time to make some noise and register opposition to Marjorie representing your community.”

Commenting on the post, Cobb GOP Chair Salleigh Grubbs seemed to relish their dismay.

“This is the best thing I’ve read all day,” Grubbs wrote, adding “Run fer the hills!”

On Thursday, Cobb school board member Tré Hutchins, a Democrat and Austell resident, attended a redistricting hearing to voice his unhappiness.

“It’s important that we have representation that represents the ideals … of the community,” Hutchins said. “We are an urban, metro Atlanta area. We’re in Cobb County, but we very much look like metro Atlanta."

Policy priorities for his area include tourism and transportation, he said — a far cry from the issues that likely bedevil folks in the rest of the Greene's 14th Congressional District. 

“The current map, the way it looks, would be more focused on agriculture and more rural opinions versus what we’re looking at here in our southern portion of the county,” he said.

Leroy Tre' Hutchins

Leroy Tre’ Hutchins

Then he took aim at the notion that Greene is not fit to represent part of south Cobb.

“We’re going to need representation that mirrors what we’re trying to do to move forward,” Hutchins said. “(Greene) does not represent those values. What we saw in January was despicable, it’s not American and her opinions of that day do not represent that of the area and our communities.”

He ended his comments with a call that might sound familiar to those who’ve been following the controversy on the Cobb school board.

“There is a concern with not having our voice heard in south Cobb,” he said. “The sleeping dragon is awakened, and we’re ready to make sure we are no longer cast aside and decisions are made to us, instead of made for us. And so we want to be at the table when these decisions are made, and we want to be inclusive in that conversation, to make sure that we have the right representation. And right now this is not the right representation.”

Drawing Greene’s district into Cobb wasn’t the only big news the General Assembly made in the maps it released this week. They also turned the 6th Congressional District represented by Congresswoman Lucy McBath, darling of the gun control lobby, red. 

For some nonpartisan analysis, Around Town turned to Kerwin Swint, director of the School of Government and International Affairs at Kennesaw State University. Swint prefaced his comments by saying the majority in the Georgia Legislature just did what legislative majorities across the country have always done: draw districts they believe will give them the best chance of winning a majority of seats. After crunching the numbers, Republican legislators believe the maps they’ve drawn give them the best chance to win Republican seats while passing legal muster.

Greene’s 14th Congressional District was already very red.

“And I think to have the addition of these southwest Cobb precincts don’t really change the overall calculus that much. It gives (Greene) a few more Democratic voters, but not so much that she can’t overcome that,” Swint said. “I think that the calculation is if you look at the 14th, the 11th (Barry Loudermilk), the 6th (Lucy McBath), the 9th (Andrew Clyde), they’re drawing these districts in a way that gives them the best chance of holding on to all of those, making all of those Republican districts.”

While some have wondered if adding Cobb Democratic areas to Greene’s district is a way to punish her for her extreme views, Swint doesn’t see it that way.

“I don’t think by drawing those precincts into her district there’s any intended message there. I just think it’s a way of doing the math and doing the calculations that gives the Republicans the best chance of winning the seats.”

Political consultant Brian Robinson, a former aide to Gov. Nathan Deal, said much the same thing.

“These maps weren’t drawn with just the politics of today in mind," Robinson said "Republican legislators wanted to ensure that the 11th and 6th districts – both of which have part of Cobb – would not only produce a GOP seat in 2022 but also in 2030. The 6th required significant changes and the 11th needed to get rid of some Democratic areas. Some of that Democratic vote was put safely into Greene’s district. Her district remains firmly Republican, with a margin so big it can easily absorb some Democratic precincts. This is about more than the incumbents, who may or may not be there in 10 years.”

Lucy McBath .jpg

Lucy McBath

Turning to McBath’s 6th, Swint said legislators eyed the numbers in that district and the neighboring 7th held by Democratic Rep. Carolyn Bourdeaux.

“So they said how can we make one of these Republican? And they looked at the numbers, and they said our best chance is to carve out a more Republican area right here in the 6th. They made the 6th a much more Republican area, making it very difficult for McBath to be reelected there.”

This in turn gives Bourdeaux a far more Democratic district. Swint can’t speak to motive as to why they chose to do this to McBath's district over Bourdeaux'. 


Carolyn Bourdeaux

“But as an analyst, (Republican legislators) said we’re looking at the maps. That’s where we can find Republican votes. That’s where the votes are that we can comfortably find without threatening surrounding districts like the 11th, for example. So they created this Republican district and McBath is going to have a hard time if she runs again.”

Historically when this happens, there are different scenarios that unfold. Sometimes the incumbent will challenge another incumbent in a friendlier district since members of Congress don’t have to live in the district they represent. Other times they may move to the friendlier district to better stake their claim.

Either way, Swint believes McBath will not be successful if she runs for the 6th again.

“If she wants to have a chance of winning she would run in the Bourdeaux district. Another option for her is to run for something statewide,” he said.

And what of Greene's future?

"Marjorie Taylor Greene should easily win reelection. And so what it looks like is we’re going to have 9 Republican (congressional) districts, 5 Democratic, whereas right now it's 8 and 6.”

ENDORSEMENTS: As Gov. Brian Kemp looks to shore up support for his 2022 reelection campaign, no doubt quite anxious by the talk of former U.S. Sen. David Perdue entering the race to challenge him, Kemp rolled out 276 endorsements this week from Georgia’s county commissioners.

Among them were Cobb’s Keli Gambrill and JoAnn Birrell, representing west and north Cobb, respectively.

STATE OF THE CITY: On any given day, come 2 p.m., half the parking spaces at Acworth’s Logan Farm Park will already be occupied, according to Mayor Tommy Allegood— a sign of the park’s enormous success, he told a crowd of businesspeople at the Governors Gun Club Wednesday.

Allegood and Kennesaw Mayor Derek Easterling dropped by the meeting of the Northwest Cobb Area Council to hand out their Citizen of the Year awards, but also to discuss the success their downtowns have recently enjoyed. Allegood attributed that success, in part, to outdoor recreation his city offers, including Logan Farm Park.

“There was big swamp there in our downtown area, and we bought the swamp,” he said, sharing the park’s origin story. “We're the only city in Georgia that is really draining the swamp!”

The crowd loved it. Not one to be outdone, however, Easterling chimed in shortly thereafter.

“They drained the swamp, but if you drive down Pine Mountain Road, you’ll see we built the wall,” he quipped.


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(7) comments

Mike Nelson

Call to action for the Democratic Party ! That’s hilarious. We have seen the total destruction of the country under a Democratic govt. and let’s not forget their best, AOC if we had only instigated her green deal 2 years ago hurricane Irma would not have hit the US, but that doesn’t matter because we will all be dead in 7 years. Good ole Maxine, let’s get in their face, great job Maxine . The the best Pelosi , we can read it later we just need to pass it now.. A president who doesn’t know he is the president. Oh yes we need a call to action from the democratic members. Total destruction of America.

gee whiz

Even Mike Nelson can't say anything good about Marjorie. Seems he might be in with the GOP trying to put Mr Marcus in NW Georgia. Marcus is probably actually a Republican but is running center Democrat because stupid Marge has the GOP primary in the bag unless this redistricting attempt to eliminate her actually succeeds. The call to action for the Democrats newly in her district will be to primary on the Republican ballot. Democrats can and very likely will eliminate MGT in the GOP primary by voting a GOP ballot. Hey, the GOP is being crafty. It's almost like they're trying again. I kind of like it! It's encouraging news to see the GOP conniving against her and see just how dumb she really and truly is by her and her whole team falling for it. This redistricting, adding Dems to a razor thin contest with an majority-unpopular GOP rep? This is clearly GOP infighting. MGT has the Trump fanboys on her side, but that won't win the general, so the GOP has to get rid of her in the primary, and that is accomplished by crossover votes from the Democrats the GOP is adding to her district. LOL Marge, so dumb, so gullible, so... BYE FELECIA

gee whiz

The GOP is adding Democrat voters to the NW district? The district continually embarrassed by their attention seeking GOP House rep? The GOP is adding votes for Marcus Flowers. That does not seem to be good for MGT, but she's so dumb she is gloating about it? If they are adding Marcus voters, there's no denying it: The GOP is very obviously trying to get rid of her. For that I say "Good" to the GOP and "Good Riddance" to Squeaky T. McGreene, the cog that uselessly squeaks while failing to do its part of the overall job. Marjorie Self Promoting Taylor Green. She is great at self promotion. I'll give her that. But she is failing at her job of representing Georgia, and she is apparently not bright enough to realize the Georgia GOP is redistricting to squeeze her out and give NW Georgia to Marcus a silver, Made in China platter.

Laura Armstrong

Gee, Gee, you apparently haven't driven through Paulding County lately or seen the outstanding number of "Let's Go Brandon" and "FJB" bumper stickers on vehicles out there. MTG (you got it backwards) is completely safe, even when you add the Powder Springs (which is SW Cobb, wrong again) vote.

MTG is standing up in Congress against the radical communists who've infiltrated our formerly esteemed branch of government. She's one of the few in the GOP who has the courage to do so. Loudermilk, on the other hand, had best start standing up with solutions instead of simply sending us the bad news in our e-mail every week or so. We're tired of hearing about all the damage democrats are doing to our country from the man we elected to go up there and save our country from their totalitarianism and attacks on our Constitution. Stand up Loudermilk, and do your job. Let MTG take the flak, she can handle it. For deranged, anti-Trumpers, you still don't get that this isn't even about him, do you? This is about taking back our country from those who want to destroy the whole thing in order to "build back better." Look up Cloward-Piven, see what that old bat Frances Fox Piven has done to this country in the past, and realize that she's still plotting with dems to do more. We need to send reps who understand the larger picture, who are not mired in past political science, and who are not afraid to go toe to toe with the psychos who follow Dementia Joe and Decrepit Nan.

Laura Armstrong

To quote Barrack, "Elections have consequences."

When dems play the game as though it's war, that's just fine. But when Rs maximize their power, the left explodes. Good job, Rs.

gee whiz

Elections do have consequences. Such as redistricting. Let's suppose that somehow, hypothetically, and I know, this could never happen, but let's suppose the GOP loses the Presidency and the Senate in Georgia, all simultaneously. (That's nuts, right?) Rather than try to woo Georgians, what does the GOP do? They redistrict. That might work once or twice, but long term, once they've alienated enough Georgians, they're done! Despite all the tricks in all the playbooks, even H.L. Richardson's book, Confrontational Politics, they're done. Reality can be denied for only so long before the reality anvil drops.

Howard Peterson

Of course Democrats NEVER redraw districts when they are in power, right?? LOL!!

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