The Vostok ice cores captured the last 420,000 years of earth’s climate change. During that time five ice ages occurred, separated by periods of global warming, all without any help from or influence from mankind. There were no coal-powered power plants or jet airplanes or automobiles or global combustion of fossil fuels to account for these climate changes. How can this be?

Change is the one constant — evolution depends on changing conditions to force changing adaptation. What might be some explanation for this change independent of mankind? Pacific Decadel oscillation, El Nino, El Nina, 200-year solar sunspot minimums, solar output cycles and cosmic ray interaction with the atmosphere, solar radiation level variation due to earth orbital cycle causing variation in cloud cover, 1500-year Dangaard-Oescher cycle, 93,000-year ice age cycle, volcanic venting of gases and dust into the atmosphere and what is yet to be discovered. There are lots of reasons for climate variation with complex interactions and we do not know what we do not yet know.

But there are significant, historical documented climate changes that have occurred. The Medieval warming that occurred between 900 AD and 1300 AD. The little ice age that occurred between 1300 AD and 1850 AD. These occurred before mankind was in any position to claim credit for the changes or had the hubris to be so foolish.

However, to his detriment, modern man has acquired the self-ordained hubris to think that this time of his existence is the perfect temperature for the earth to be maintained in perpetuity. This, despite obvious prior ice ages interrupted by periods of global warming when there were tremendous temperature variations that mankind cannot take credit for causing. Perhaps it would be wiser to adapt to climate, not try to take dominion over climate. “Live not by Lies.”

Ralph Bruce



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George Don Spruill

Ralph, well written, but it will not change the thinking of the ignorant masses who have been duped into believing that puny man is responsible for the climate. The only change that man has ever made was when she/he decided to go against the one edict that the Lord God Almighty gave them in the Garden...not to eat of the fruit of one tree. The rest is history. Still the fools among us hamstring us and people in Texas are freezing today as a result. Xi and his Commie hitchmen are laughing their rear ends off at the fools who lead us down the primrose path of manmade Global Warming, Global Cooling or whatever it has been named in the last 15 minutes. God help us! Oh, that's right, we ate the forbidden fruit. We're somewhat on our own.

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