The articles in the Marietta Daily Journal lately have been sobering. But in a way, reading them has given me a small sense of relief. I do not feel this relief because I’m proud of where we are today as a nation, but because it seems as though we cannot ignore the reality of what’s wrong with us any longer.

As a pastor, I know well that the less we try to cover up and deny the problems we are facing, the easier it is to deal with them. The political cartoon with a map of our great nation covered in band-aids says it plainly: We must face our self-inflicted wounds.

For almost a year, the COVID-19 death count has been covered with excuses and denial. We’ve now broken the threshold of 400,000 deaths from the virus, and it’s past time we do something about it. As vaccines become available, let us all be prepared to love our neighbors by fighting this virus head-on, no longer pretending it’s nothing more than the flu.

Furthermore, as armed military stands guard on Capitol Hill, making Washington DC look like a warzone during what is meant to be a peaceful transition of power, let us face the reality that our country no longer suffers from a difference in opinions, but a war over the truth. Our leaders have fanned these flames, rather than called us to our virtues. Racism is rearing its ugly head, but let’s be honest — it’s always been there. We just haven’t faced it.

When we don’t face the reality of evil, it only becomes more powerful. Let us no longer politely pretend that we’re dealing with anything other than issues of life and death. My friends, in the words of Moses, “Choose life.”

Rev. Joe Evans

Senior Pastor

First Presbyterian Church



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George Don Spruill

Pastor, I like to hear people saying “choose life”. The problem is, we have an entire political party which has chosen death...abortion. One only has to look at their platform to see this. Unfortunately for life, the Democrat Party has the Presidency, the House of Representatives, and the Senate. Life is now in a losing position.

Mike Nelson

Read Wilson Grahms thoughts on this new administration. Completely the opposite. A party that doesn’t believe in God and church. We will pay a terrible price.

George Don Spruill


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