Napoleon III came up with a plan to rebuild Paris. He was responsible for the great boulevards and the building and rebuilding of museums such as the Louvre, opera house, clean water and sanitation. But what really impressed me was his devotion to developing great, beautiful parks. He had an edict of a maximum 10-minute walk by any resident to the nearest park.

I have been advocating for this goal thinking that it was established by an enlightened community such as Minneapolis-Saint Paul. But this goal was established a bit earlier than I thought. It was in 1850. This should also be a goal for Cobb County.

We should also establish a goal of having all parks connected by trails. To fulfill the10-minute walk goal, it’s my thought that neighborhood parks of two to 10 acres should be given priority for purchase (as opposed to 100 acre-plus parks).

Because of overbuilding in east Cobb it will probably be difficult to construct the trails that join the parks or even the required number and location of the parks. Some creative thought may be required to do so. I would much rather have a neighborhood park within 10 minutes walking distance from anywhere in Cobb than the Braves Stadium.

Napoleon III wanted these parks so that Parisians could reduce their stress level by walking to, and relaxing in, a beautiful park. We should be provided with the same. Also, parks close to home provide a sense of community and an appreciation thereof.

If you agree, please contact your district commissioner and let him/her know. Also, please let me know of any of your suggestions or recommendations for improvement of Cobb parks and green space or any other item. Let me know by providing an online comment below.

Robert Roth



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