As a kid, I would read my favorite newspaper columnists. I loved looking up the big words used by George Will. Lewis Grizzard’s humor was solid gold, every single time. I enjoyed the show business name-dropping of Earl Wilson. I even liked the gossipy “scoops” uncovered by government watchdo…
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Today's Afternoon Headlines


Here's what's happening this afternoon...

Police have identified the third man killed on a Kennesaw golf course

Police have identified the third man found dead on a Kennesaw golf course on Saturday. A suspect has still not been found, and it's unclear how the victims are connected. Reporter Hunter Riggall has the latest.

A Roswell man was killed Saturday while riding his motorcycle near the Kennesaw State University football stadium, police say. Here's what we know.

Eighteen months after the city of Smyrna and the Cobb School District butted heads over installation of speed cameras in school zones, the two governments remain at odds. Now, another city is looking to install the cameras. Here's why they can't agree.

And as always, we're keeping you up to date on the latest COVID-19 data in the county. Here are today's numbers.

-Thomas Hartwell, senior reporter

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