Cobb County’s expenses hosting games three, four, and five of the World Series totaled more than $437,000, more than the expected budget approved by county commissioners last month.

Nearly all of those funds — more than $426,000 — ended up as overtime pay for police, sheriff’s deputies, firefighters, and other county personnel, per documents obtained via an open records request by the MDJ.

The remaining expenses went toward purchasing equipment for police and the county’s information services department.

Commissioners originally set aside $350,000 out of county reserve funds on Oct. 26 to cover security expenses for the games. County spokesman Ross Cavitt said higher-than-expected attendance at the games and watch parties at the Battery, combined with costs associated with the Braves’ victory parade, drove expenses higher than the county foresaw.

The over-budget costs will likely return to the Board of Commissioners for retroactive approval next month, Cavitt added, pending the receipt of some final figures from the sheriff’s office.

The World Series was the county’s second major appropriation of funds for an event at Truist Park this year. In March, commissioners signed off on $2 million for security costs surrounding the All-Star Game, which at the time was to be held in Cobb. Despite the game being pulled, the county moved ahead with several purchases including a $600,000 county-wide surveillance center.

Commissioner Jerica Richardson, who represents Truist Park and the Battery, told the MDJ Tuesday that “the county is doing what it needs to do to protect its residents.”

“We’re going to do what’s required, even when we have conferences, or anything happening in the county,” she said. “We had, obviously, some high-profile individuals in town, we had concerts going on, anime conferences (at the Cobb Galleria conference center the same weekend), and the World Series.”


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(5) comments

richard plent

There was a lot more people than expected. That will easily be made up from the millions in additional taxes brought in by the games. Wish it could happen every year.

Mike Nelson

Exactly correct Richard, the county pulled in an enormous amount from all the taxes on all that.


Typical of the media to post the costs in a negative, salacious light without telling the whole story. Yes we had public safety costs but we also had hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity at the Battery and the surrounding area. Thank you to the Battery and Atlanta Braves. Tell the whole story please.

William Hicks

The MDJ ceased any good journalism when the children of Otis Brumby Sr. decided to become a liberal talking machine. They never ask the tough questions, just like the national news. No more hard work, just liberal, communist drivel.

gee whiz

Great! Now, when do we taxpayers get our return on investment? We paid in dollars, so don't be making up a bunch of hooey about this and that. They owe us, and in dollars.

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