In times like these, the good in people shines.

We’re all coping with the coronavirus and its effects in different ways. The MDJ would like to report on acts of kindness, goodwill and generosity. Simply put, we want to share stories of neighbors helping neighbors.

If you know of an instance of benevolence — an any scale — and are willing to share with MDJ readers, tell us your story.

Send an email to mdjnews@mdjonline with the subject line: Act of Kindness.

Friday, April 3


Murph’s, a sports-themed restaurant located at 1 Galleria Parkway in the Cobb Galleria Center, provided 50 meals in total to individuals in the Cobb County Community Services Board’s Mothers Making a Change program.

Individuals in the Cobb County Community Services Board’s Mothers Making a Change program were recipients of a meal from Murph's as part of the Operation Meal Plan created by the Cobb Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Cobb Community Foundation and the Center for Family Resources. The goal of the effort is to provide local non-profits and agencies with food to those in need, while helping our Cobb County restaurants keep their workers employed.

The MMAC program is a highly structured, gender-specific, trauma responsive program that offers intensive services to women who have substance use disorders who are pregnant and/or with children. Individuals in the program are empowered to maintain their recovery, resolve legal obligations, obtain/maintain employment, consistently meet familial responsibilities and make referrals for safe, affordable housing. The program works with the Department of Family & Children Services and the courts to safely transition children back into the care of their mothers, as appropriate.

“We greatly appreciate Murph’s providing us a delicious meal through the Cobb Foundation and Cobb Chamber's program,” said Kamryn Rock, program manager for MMAC. “Our mothers are either receiving food stamps or are in the process of applying for them: every meal helps, and every healthy meal matters.”

Murph’s, a sports-themed restaurant located at 1 Galleria Parkway in the Cobb Galleria Center, provided 50 meals in total. Lunch consisted of turkey sandwiches, fresh fruit and homemade potato chips. Murph’s co-owner Chuck Douglas says he is happy to help out.

“This program also enabled me to employ my chef while delivering a meal for a great cause," Douglas said.

If you are a restaurant interested in participating, contact Nate Futrell at

Individuals can make donations to pay for the meals through a tax deductible fund through the Cobb Community Foundation.

For non-profits that need food, contact Melanie Kagan with Center for Family Resources at

Cobb Travel & Tourism recently shared the following list of Cobb County "Helpers."

With reports of shortages and price gouging, Dry County Brewing Company began shifting production from Blueberry Lemonade Vodka over to Dry County brand hand sanitizer. These bottles are being offered free to those in need. This is not about profit. They are doing this to support the community. If you know of high risk individuals or groups that could use a bulk order, contact them directly at

Cobb Galleria Centre and Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre may be closed to the public, but these organizations are still present in the community. They recently donated approximately $4,000 in goods to local food banks. The donation included fresh produce, dairy and bread items.

Cobb Travel & Tourism is reaching out a helping hand to hotel partners. With many Cobb County hotels down to only 10-15 staff members to run the show, CT&T wanted to show them appreciation. By the end of last week, CT&T had fed 263 employees at 25 partner hotels. Individually packaged lunches from Maggiano's and On The Border Mexican Grill were provided.

Acworth Police Department had a shortage of N95 respirator masks. Freedom Church became aware of the need for masks to keep patrol officers safe after a conversation with Chief Wayne Dennard. On March 20, they presented Chief Dennard with 100 masks for the officers.

Marietta's School Nutrition and Transportation Departments developed a plan to deliver food to their students at 81 specific stops across 18 different routes throughout the district. A healthy lunch and a snack will be delivered each day until school is back in session. During the first two-week closure, 39,842 meals were served. For more information, visit

The Marietta Museum of History decided to donate gloves and masks their team normally wears when handling artifacts to the Marietta Police Department, as they are in urgent need. If you would like to help, please contact Tanya Twaddell from the Marietta Police Department at or Tim Milligan from Marietta Fire Department at

In an effort to help the many at-risk students and their families who do not have enough food during the closing of schools due to the coronavirus, MUST Ministries has coordinated a MUST FOOD Rapid Response program. They are distributing food at three pantries and helping every week to distribute meals for Cobb County School District. 3,500 family food boxes were distributed in the first three days. For more information, visti

The Y is working with the Atlanta Community Food Bank to expand food pantries at several branches and offer food distribution to the community. They have developed a childcare program for emergency responders. Working with healthcare partners, the Y will provide childcare for those who don’t have the option to work remotely, including medical professionals and emergency response workers.

Thursday, April 2


For the eighth year in a row, Georgia Power and other electric utilities in Georgia are celebrating and thanking utility workers across the state.

Throughout Georgia Power’s 2020 Thank a Lineman initiative, saying “thank you” is quick and easy by signing the digital card at

Georgians can also celebrate and engage through social media by using and following #ThankALineman and visiting Georgia Power’s Facebook at, Twitter at @GeorgiaPower and Instagram at @ga_power.

For more information, visit


Pictured are Acworth sisters - Lindsay Butts, 17, Lauren Butts, 15, and Logan Butts, 13, who have been hard at work making masks at home to help fill the need created by COVID-19. 

A trio of Acworth sisters aren't letting social distance keep them from making a difference.

Lindsay Butts, 17, Lauren Butts, 15, and Logan Butts, 13, have been hard at work making masks at home to help fill the need created by COVID-19. The family follows the #millionmaskchallenge on Instagram, sending the finished masks to locations where they are most needed.


Pictured are masks made by Acworth sisters - Lindsay Butts, 17, Lauren Butts, 15, and Logan Butts, 13, to help fill the need created by COVID-19. 

They have partnered locally with the Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance as well to make GOCA-inspired masks out of the nonprofit's branded bandanas. They plan to share the masks with Doug Barron, GOCA's executive director, to distribute to local ovarian cancer patients and survivors who could benefit from the extra protection.

I am writing about a neighbor who has helped my husband and me long before the coronavirus. I have a bad back and it's hard for me to shop for groceries. She works for a supermarket nears us. Months ago, she called me and told me that she would be glad to shop for groceries for us if we can't do it ourselves.

Her husband has some serious health problems himself and she has to be at work at 4:30 in the morning. Even after getting home from work, she has called me and asked me if we needed anything and was willing to go back to the supermarket to get whatever we needed. She also brings us pastry and home-made cakes.

Also, her husband, who is in constant pain, will do anything for us. He cuts our grass and trims our shrubbery. A few years ago, we had a snow storm that caused several trees to fall across our driveway blocking us in. All of a sudden we heard a chain saw in our driveway. He and his wife were cutting up the trees so that we could get out of our driveway. We didn't even ask them for help; they just saw that we needed help.

We went to a church that had almost 1,000 members and my husband and I did a lot for people who needed help for many years but we have never had one person from our church who has even called us or asked us if we needed help. We have gotten a lot older and both of us have bad backs and we are not able to physically help people anymore.

We are extremely thankful for the neighbors who we have who are willing to help us.

- Naomi Storey, Powder Springs

040320_MDJ_ShareYourStory_Saint Joseph1.jpg

SJCS students Paige, Avery and Ella thank their sanitation and recycling workers with notes and snacks.

St. Joseph Catholic School in Marietta took our 67 years of accredited, Blue Ribbon education and converted it to a Home Learning platform in one weekend.

Students still get the strong sense of family and community when they enjoy the recordings of our daily morning announcements. These include the Pledge of Allegiance, our daily prayer, our St. Joseph pledge and the ever popular Joke of the Day.

040320_MDJ_ShareYourStory_Saint Joseph2.jpg

SJCS student Dylan takes his homemade dog treats to the animal shelter to cheer up the pups.

Teachers are driving instruction on Google classroom and Google Meet to engage and interact with students. All students, K-8th grade are still receiving instruction in PE, music, art, Spanish and library.

040320_MDJ_ShareYourStory_Saint Joseph3.jpg

SJCS student Lily helps make lunches at MUST ministries.

Community outreach continues with a different “Mission Monday” each week, where we live out our faith.

040320_MDJ_ShareYourStory_Saint Joseph4.jpg

SJCS fifth grader Lucca conducts his buoyancy science experiment at home.

Students were encouraged to write letters of encouragement to grandparents, seniors in assisted living communities or even their local mail carrier. They made dog biscuits for the local shelters and donated gently used items to local organizations. Our students continue to give back and think of


- Ann Frazer, Director of Enrollment and Communications at St. Joseph Catholic School

Wednesday, April 1


Chattachoochee Technical College donated food to Cobb County firefighters on Monday. Pictured is the over 200 pounds of food from the Culinary program being loaded up into a college patrol vehicle at the Mountain View Campus. 

Chattahoochee Technical College donated over 200 pounds of food from the college’s Culinary program to Cobb County firefighters on Monday to offer support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Making this delivery on behalf of the college was the Chattahoochee Tech Campus Police Department, under the direction of Tim Hilley, who serves as the college’s Director of Public Safety.


Chattachoochee Technical College donated food to Cobb County firefighters on Monday. Pictured is the delivery of the over 200 pounds of food from the Culinary program at the Mountain View Campus. 

When Hilley was researching where to donate the food, he first contacted the Cobb County Emergency Management Agency. They recommended a local fire station because of restrictions placed on how many times firefighters may leave their stations to get food to cook.

“It just so happens that my son, Michael, is a Captain at Cobb County Fire Station 14, so I called and asked if they would be interested in the donation, and if they would be able to split it up among some of the other fire stations,” said Hilley. “They were very excited about the idea.”


Chattachoochee Technical College donated over 200 pounds of food to the Cobb County firefighters on Monday from the Culinary program at the Mountain View Campus. 

After loading up a Chattahoochee Tech patrol vehicle with the food at the college’s Mountain View Campus, Hilley and Campus Police Lt. Mary Forman delivered the food to Cobb County Fire Station 14. This fire station is located near the Mountain View Campus on the other side of Sandy Plains Road.

“When we arrived at the fire station, they were excited that we were bringing the food,” said Hilley. “But when we opened the truck, they were amazed with the amount of food, and said they would be able to take some to several other fire stations.”

Included among the donated items were several boxes of whole and cut chicken, two large slabs of pork, whole and cut duck, scallops, halibut, barbecue ribs, steaks, cakes, and a whole case of butter, along with many other items.

“It made us feel good to know we were able to help a large group of first responders with these much-needed supplies,” said Hilley, “so they wouldn’t have to go out any more than necessary.”

- Chattahoochee Technical College

Tuesday, March 31


Pictured is Salvation Army Cobb/Douglas Corps Lt. Yamira Valentin delivering meals door-to-door for those in need.

Salvation Army officers at The Salvation Army of Cobb and Douglas Counties delivered meals to neighbors in need last week.

Because of COVID-19, the Corps suspended all of its onsite food pantry services and instead was delivering meals door-to-door for those in need. The officers who oversee the Cobb/Douglas Corps, Lieutenants Jose and Yamira Valentin, also served meals from their canteen or mobile kitchen.


Pictured is the Salvation Army’s Cobb/Douglas Corps canteen, or mobile kitchen, serving meals to those in need.


Pictured is the Salvation Army’s Cobb/Douglas Corps canteen, or mobile kitchen, serving meals to those in need.

3DPPE, a group of Wheeler High School students, who are 3D printing face shields to donate to local hospitals. They have printed and donated over 300 face shields.

The group, which is looking for funding to further increase production of the shields, has started a GoFundMe page at


Pictured is an unidentified Marietta Police officer with one of the complimentary meals provided by GC BBQ.

Last week several Marietta Square Market restaurants partnered together to provide over 100 complimentary meals to local first responders.


Pictured are members of Kennestone Hospital’s ICU staff with some of the complimentary meals provided by several Marietta Square Market restaurants.

Owners Jason Morgan of Lucky’s Burger and Brew, Robert Owens of GC BBQ and Jerry Momin of Pita Mediterranean Street Food all personally packed meals and aided in delivering them to the Marietta Fire House, Marietta Police Department and the Kennestone Hospital ICU staff.


Pictured are workers at Papa John’s Pizza Store 779/Pine Mountain making the 826 donated pizzas that were distributed by Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Marietta.

It’s our mission at Saint Joseph Catholic Church to serve and support those in need and we were able to do just that because of the generosity of Papa John’s Pizza Store 779/Pine Mountain.


Pictured are some of the 826 donated pizzas that Papa John’s Pizza Store 779/Pine Mountain made and were distributed by Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Marietta.

Through the well-orchestrated collaboration of Papa John’s general managers Spencer House and Josh Orfe, director of operations Russ Dewitt, and SDO Chris Stelle, Saint Joseph and the Knights of Columbus Council 4599 were able to handout or deliver 826 donated pizzas. Pizzas were distributed to SJCC Parishioners in need, families in low income housing, MUST Minstries, individuals that may be experiencing homelessness and/or suffering from addiction and children suffering during this time.


Pictured are some of the 826 pizzas made by Papa John’s Pizza Store 779/Pine Mountain and were distributed by Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Marietta.

Pizzas were also delivered for distribution through the Marietta Sixth Grade Academy Backpack Program and the Sprayberry Community Compassion during COVID-19 group.

It was also a great honor to extend our gratitude through this small token of appreciation to the police officers and fire fighters at Marietta Police Department, Marietta Fire Department and Cobb County Police HQ Precinct 1.

— Kai Fleming, Information Technology & Communications Director, Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Marietta

Smyrna Mayor Derek Norton announced the Support Smyrna initiative on Monday, March 30 in a Positive Announcements message to the Smyrna community with a call to help those in need and Smyrna responded resolutely.

“The call to action resulted in over 150 donations and $7,000 raised in five hours through the website that will provide groceries for Smyrna residents and families in need. We also raised $5,000 for hot meals delivery in a City partnership with Atkins Park and Tillman House. Beginning Friday, 100 meals will be delivered daily for at least the month of April. The generosity is humbling and uplifting. As of 9:30 a.m. (Tuesday), over $10,000 in 175 individual donations and another $1,500 in business donations equaling at least $11,500 has been raised, all in less than a day,” Norton said.

For more information, visit

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Scottish Rite will have a blood drive on April 2 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the Auditorium & Administration Lobby. Participants can register at or show up.

Monday, March 30


Eastside Baptist Church’s Mosaic Church Campus on Austell Road has volunteers sorting and packing food for distribution to those in need in their surrounding community of eastern South Cobb, South Marietta and Fair Oaks.

Eastside Baptist Church’s Mosaic Church Campus on Austell Road has volunteers sorting and packing food for distribution to those in need in their surrounding community of eastern South Cobb, South Marietta and Fair Oaks.


Eastside Baptist Church’s Mosaic Church Campus on Austell Road has volunteers sorting and packing food for distribution to those in need in their surrounding community of eastern South Cobb, South Marietta and Fair Oaks.

About 80-90% of Mosaic’s neighbors have been affected by the school closings, which have created a major absence of food for many families.

Under the leadership of Campus Pastor Adrian Coetzer, Eastside’s Mosaic Church has coordinated efforts with Storehouse Ministries, Fair Oaks Elementary, Cobb Family Resources, Eastside’s Lower Roswell Campus and Johnson Ferry Baptist Church to meet these needs.

“Since the onset of the Coronavirus, 900-plus boxes of food have been placed into the hands of our neighbors. We want Mosaic Church to be in the center of life in our community,” Coetzer said. “The Bible tells us to feed those who are hungry so we gladly serve our community during this difficult time.”

Coetzer invites those in need of food to come by the Mosaic Campus on Tuesday or Thursday between 1 and 4 p.m. to receive a food box. Morning pick-up is by appointment only.

For more information, email or call 770-427-0442.

Since 1915, Kiwanis has empowered youth to be confident, capable, and compassionate leaders in their communities.

The K-Kids Service Leadership Program at the Marietta Center for Advanced Academics under the direction of faculty advisor John Creger is clearly making a difference to the residents at Walton on Henderson Street. The K-Kids are working on writing letters that will be sent electronically to the community liaison who in turn will share with the residents.

Walton on Henderson Street is the same facility that the MCAA K-Kids students have visited for the past two years during holiday time. There are more details posted in a video on the school website at

There is also a community service mask sewing project being led by Paula Alexander and her Sunday School class at First United Methodist Church. For more information, contact Alexander at or 1-850-803-8377.

— Debbie McCracken, president 2019-2020, Kiwanis International-Marietta

Friday, March 27


Records Clerk Dori Askew with her third mask made from a tutorial.

On March 22, our Records Clerk Dori Askew decided to do her part to help her co-workers.

Dori, who has a passion for the needle and thread, decided she would make masks for the officers of the Acworth Police Department.

As we take on the coronavirus crisis, Dori took to her sewing machine. She knew there was a shortage of masks and wanted to do what she could to help her local law enforcement officers. As she prepared her materials, Dori realized she needed some elastic.

She went out to purchase some elastic and could not find any. Dori being the creative person that she is, saw elastic hair ties. She purchased a few packs

and went home and began sewing with material that she already had at home.

Dori made masks in the dimensions of 12x6 which are about the size of a surgical mask. She also made 6x10 masks that can be worn over the N95 masks if needed.


Dori has made enough masks for each officer at the Acworth Police Department. We are thankful to have a person of her character as a member of this Blue family.

— Cpl. Youlanda D. McIntosh, Acworth Police Department


Pictured is a worker at The Poke Company in Marietta preparing the 80 bowls delivered to Kennestone Hospital's ER Department.

The Poke Company, 789 Church Street NE in Marietta, which is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 delivered 80 bowls on Wednesday to the ER Department of Kennestone Hospital.


Pictured are the Chicken Bowls that The Poke Company in Marietta delivered to Kennestone Hospital's ER Department.


Pictured are the Shrimp Bowls that The Poke Company in Marietta delivered to Kennestone Hospital's ER Department.

Instead of throwing away the fresh food they serve, the restaurant decided to give back to the medical staff and the community that has supported them since opening two months ago.


Pictured from left are Maria Campos, Ashia Snipe and Antoinette Croyder of The Poke Company in Marietta that made and delivered 80 bowls to the ER Department at Kennestone Hospital.

The effort was coordinated by their landlord, Michael Sunshine with BAMM Real Estate, who wanted to throw a lunch and cheer session for the doctors and nurses of the ER.


Pictured is Antoinette Croyder of The Poke Company of Marietta and Renee Button, general manager of McAlister's Deli.

Renee Button, the general manager of McAlister’s Deli, also donated food.


Pictured is the 150 bags/boxes of food given to families at the apartment buildings in unincorporated Austell.

Thank you to Grandview 7th Day Adventist Church and Destiny World Church for hosting the mobile food pantry at the Thrive Resource Center in Kingsley Village Apartments and Azure Apartments located on Riverside Parkway located in unincorporated Austell. There were a combined 150 bags/boxes given to families.

A special thank you to Marcia Fisher of Grandview 7th Day Adventist Church; Yolonda Walker of Destiny World Church; DeBorah Johnson of the Austell Community Taskforce; Cynthia Johnson of We are 1; and site coordinator Monica Evette DeLancy of Thrive Resource Center.

Grandview 7th Day Adventist Church, 750 Lansky Werber Road SW in Austell, will also do a food distribution at their church on Sunday from 2:30 to 5 p.m. or until supplies run out.

— Thrive Resource Center

While employees from Georgia Power in metro Atlanta have been unable to complete hands-on volunteer projects due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are supporting their neighbors by providing monetary donations to the Atlanta Community Food Bank’s COVID-19 Fund.

The donations will be used to provide meals to help those families struggling to put food on the table due to the closing of schools and businesses. To date, the employees have raised over $3,300.

Citizens of Georgia Power is the employee volunteer arm of Georgia Power Company with 42 chapters statewide and over 3,400 members, consisting of employees and spouses.

Thursday, March 26


Marietta City Councilman Johnny Walker and two close friends, Mark Mozley and Hal Vaughn, are going to kick off the “MUST Ministries Food-Raiser Challenge” Friday morning at 9:30 a.m. at the MUST Donation Center, 1280 Field Parkway in Marietta.

Marietta-based MUST Ministries is in desperate need of food supplies for at-risk students and families who don’t have enough food due to the school closings because of the COVID-19 virus. The challenge is for people tagged on Facebook to donate a box of food or $35 and tag others.

To give financially, visit To sign up as a volunteer, visit

The YMCA of Metro Atlanta is offering hunger relief to Cobb County families amid school closures during the coronavirus outbreak through two targeted programs.

The Northeast Cobb Y is a delivery site for the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Every Wednesday, 10 pallets of food ordered by Marietta City Schools is delivered to the Y branch and volunteers make 250 bags. Marietta Schools then picks up these bags on Monday and Tuesday to deliver to school district families with their lunch.

Cobb YMCAs are also taking the donations that Mt. Paran North Church receives along with online donations through Amazon Smile and putting together food bags to deliver to nearby hotels and apartment complexes in Cobb County that are not being served. Locations include Green Roof Inn, Superior Creek Lodge, Woodlands of Kennesaw, InTown KSU and InTown Marietta.

Wednesday, March 25


Pictured is Bonnie Willis from NW Metro Atlanta Habitat for Humanity's construction team.

NW Metro Atlanta Habitat for Humanity found a pallet of more than 1,000 N95 masks in their warehouse and have donated them to the Cobb & Douglas Public Health to help with their shortages.


Starbucks announced that they will be giving free tall brewed coffee, hot or iced, to first responders and healthcare workers from now until May 3. Customers should check with their location to see if they are participating in the offer.

Georgia Natural Gas Foundation has committed $25,000 to Meals on Wheels Atlanta to support COVID-19 relief efforts. Meals on Wheels Atlanta is a nonprofit organization working to deliver food to home bound and low-income seniors in Fulton County.

Shelly Owens, a very creative and caring neighbor in the Oakton subdivision, is organizing a “Flatten the Curve” parade, scheduled for Thursday to begin at 6 p.m. at Kennesaw Avenue and run throughout the subdivision. Participants spent last weekend decorating their cars. They will stay enclosed in their cars with immediate family members with six feet distance between each car and wave to those of us who will be waving either from inside our houses or our front yards.

Thank you, Shelly!

I love American initiative!

— Debbie Ducas, Oakton Subdivision

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is having blood drives in anticipation of the supply dropping as a result of national blood drives being canceled because of the coronavirus. The blood drives will be Wednesday until 7 p.m. at Egleston and Thursday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Scottish Rite. To register, visit Egleston at or Scottish


Jessica Burnette has stocked the Little Free library at Depot Park in Kennesaw with food for neighbors in need. She asked that residents take what they need and help keep it stocked.

Tuesday, March 24

Mojave, 6450 Powers Ferry Road NW in the Cumberland area, announced that they have established a GoFundMe page to support the restaurant’s staff during the closure of restaurant.

The restaurant is asking the public to make donations to so that the employees may have a little more peace of mind during this extremely uncertain time.

I wanted to share an act of kindness that happened to me today by a complete stranger.

Today I went to the post office by Marietta Square to mail some packages. While I was there, I dropped my license and didn’t realize until I was already at home.

I frantically turned around and raced back to the post office to see if they had it. Unfortunately, when I got there no one had seen it.

Since the DMV is closed, I started thinking the worst. How long would I be without my license? However, it just so happened that an older man found my license at the post office. While I was there searching for it, he drove to my house to personally deliver it to me.

Of course, I didn’t know about it until I returned home. But once my family told me, I felt a huge amount of relief and gratitude for this stranger that took the time out of his day to return my license to me.

We didn’t get his name, but I’m very thankful for him!

— Annie Martin


Pictured from left are Pat Smith, East Cobb Quilters’ Guild Community Service Committee; Kristie Naylor, Volunteer Services Coordinator, Cobb County Senior Services; and Lynda Bussolar, East Cobb Quilters’ Guild Community Service Committee member when guild delivered donated placemats at Cobb Senior Services.

The East Cobb Quilters’ Guild, formed in 1982 and made up of over 250 quilters across the metro area, has a long history of community service.

Members give freely of their time and energy to create quilts and other items for donation to area charities, including Meals on Wheels. This past year, the East Cobb Quilters’ Guild donated 597 placemats to Meals on Wheels.

March for Meals on Wheels in a nationwide month-long celebration of the program and the millions of seniors who rely on the meals, visits and safety checks to remain independent at home. Hundreds of older adults and disabled individuals are served by the Cobb County Meals on Wheels Program, which is staffed by volunteer drivers.

Monday, March 23

The Powder Springs Community Task Force, Tapp Middle School and the Powder Springs First United Methodist Church have partnered to ease the challenge of getting a nutritious daily lunch for children during the school closures. Last week 630 lunches were distributed. This week they are looking to increase the number served.

Lunches are distribute daily from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday-Friday at Tapp Middle School, 3900 Macedonia Road in Powder Springs; and Powder Springs FUMC, 4329 Marietta Street in Powder Springs.

The public can help by dropping off items or a financial donation to the church from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday-Friday.

For more information, contact Elliott Hennington at 678-438-2461 or Shannon Alexander at 404-402-1322.

I’m so proud of the Church I go to, First Christian Church of Mableton on Old Alabama. One of our members fixed 67 plates of different foods, along with a friend of the church made donations of toys, and goody bags that were made up. Several members went to a couple of apartment complexes in Mableton and fed families a meal. They plan on doing this every Thursday at 5:30 until the food is gone or this virus is under control. Thank you so much for stepping out and being the church in the neighborhood.

— Gail Naylor


I wanted to pass along the story of Kennesaw resident, Michelle Davis, who along with her daughter, Maddie, turned what unfortunately became a cancelled birthday celebration, into an act of kindness.


Maddie and her friend, Jules, were supposed to have a birthday sleepover, to celebrate her best friend’s 11th birthday. However, the festivities were canceled due to “safer at home” and social distancing practices. Sure, Maddie was upset because she was missing out on this sleepover, but she was sadder for Jules, whose birthday would come and go this year without any fanfare. As such, she and her mom took it upon themselves to make a fun crafty kit and do what they could to bring a smile to Jules’ face, letting her know the milestone was not going to go unnoticed.


Using her Cricut machine, Maddie and her mom were able to make a pillowcase and shirt that could be colored in, two canvases and a personalized picture frame to decorate. Maddie also wrote a note to be included in the care package — Happy birthday. I know that having your party canceled sucks, but you now have some very entertaining crafts.

— Julie Merlin

Saturday, March 21

I was shopping at my local grocery store. Having heard that MUST Ministries was in need, I bought items to deliver to the shelter. I asked the cashier to bag separately the items for the shelter, separate from other items. A very nice lady in front of me overheard my request. She went over to customer service and came back and gave me cash for my purchase. I told her that wasn’t necessary, but she insisted she wanted to help. I told her that I would use the amount she gave for another shopping trip for a food pantry. People want to help!

— Sharon Rhodes

In order to drink her 60 ounces of water a day, my wife, Roselle, keeps a gallon of spring water on the kitchen counter to remind her. Yesterday, I was checking out at the store. I had 3 one-gallon jugs of spring water on the belt. The cashier told me that I could only buy one gallon.

While I was putting up a mild argument, a man behind me said: “Give me one, I’ll buy it.” Then a woman behind him said: “Give me the other one, I’ll buy it.”

While putting my other groceries in my car, both of them found me and gave me the water. Neither would let me pay them. There are nice and caring people out there, proving that “we’re all in this together.”

-Glenn Simmonds of Powder Springs

My wife and I are both very senior: 92 and 86 and married for over 62 years. Yesterday, my neighbor, Michael Syrup rang our doorbell and stated, his wife Nancy, (a candidate for Clerk of Superior Court) was at the grocery store and wanted to know if she could get anything for us. I already had a list made out to call in next week for delivery. Michael took a picture of the list and sent it to Nancy’s phone. A few minutes later she arrived and delivered all of the items to the curb for us. Nancy has done this several times in the past during snow and ice storms. Who could have more thoughtful, kind and considerate neighbors?

— Wayne Graves

Friday, March 20

Local attorney Matt Flournoy makes this suggestion to help restaurants suffering through this pandemic. Purchase gift certificates from your favorite haunts now and cash in the certificates post-pandemic. This will bolster the entrepreneurs with a bit of cash flow now when they need it most.

Yesterday, I went out for my mail and a couple walking their dog asked me if I was OK. I told them yes, I drive and I was okay for now. I am a senior and appreciate their offer that if I needed anything to call them. Thanks Felice and John for being such helping and friendly neighbors.

— Carol Huff

I have a sweet story if y’all need one. Jenny Burklow sent out an email yesterday about a thing she had seen on one of her websites about putting rainbows in the windows since the children in the neighborhood can’t play with each other when they go on their walks. Now almost every house on Freyer has at least one rainbow in their window.

— Trapp Tischner

On Thursday, the Smyrna Business Association announced to members on Facebook two items:

Campbell High School is trying to collect laptops for 18-20 English Language Learning Students that don’t have access to digital learning. If you have any resources or contacts that can help, contact Denisse Romero at

MUST Ministries partner The Tillman House, 940 Concord Road SE in Smyrna, has run out of food for needy Smyrna families. Donate online at or in person from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday, and 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday.

{span class=”print_trim”}

Looking for ways to volunteer and help keep food available to our community members? Here are three things you can do:

1. Prepare a box of nonperishable food that will keep a family of four supplied for a week for MUST Ministries. Drop off at MUST’s Distribution Center, 1280 Field Parkway in Marietta, between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, visit

2. Provide nonperishable food for KSU Cares Pantry. Drop off at Willingham Hall, 420 Bartow Avenue, Kennesaw. For more information, visit

3. Help provide meals to a local addiction recovery shelter like The Men’s and Women’s Extension. For more information, visit

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