The Kennesaw State University student found with a gun on campus last week rambled about “killing people” and that “he was Jesus” while being taken to a Cobb mental health facility, according to KSU police.

Kenneth Alvin Glover of Covington has been charged with carrying a weapon within a school safety zone. His Cobb County arrest warrant, taken out by KSU police, said a “be on the lookout” had been issued by Cobb Police to check on Glover. Campus police officers found him “displaying signs of being mentally unstable” as he was outside the Commons Dining Hall of KSU’s Kennesaw campus between 3:46 and 4:45 p.m. Aug. 29, the warrant said.

Glover’s mother, according to the warrant, told authorities that her son was not on his medication and needed help, while a doctor who came out to assist during the incident said Glover had made comments about shooting people.

After being ordered to be taken for a medical evaluation at Ridgeview Institute, 3995 South Cobb Drive in Smyrna, Glover during his transport allegedly made ramblings about killing others, being Jesus and being “known to stack bodies,” according to the warrant.

As reported Monday by the MDJ, a message sent to the KSU campus Thursday by KSU Chief of Police Edward Stephens said officers “had no evidence that the student made any threats toward specific individuals or the community in general.” Though the message did not mention Glover by name, it said an arrest warrant had been obtained for “possession of an unlicensed firearm on campus and will be served upon the student’s release.”

Georgia’s campus carry law took effect July 1, 2017 after being approved by the Georgia General Assembly, and allows those with concealed carry permits to bring firearms onto public college campuses.

Certain college facilities remain off-limits, however, including student housing and rooms or spaces that serve as preschool or childcare facilities, contain enrolled high school students or that are used for classes related to a college and career academy or other specialized school, according to

Online records from the Cobb County Adult Detention Facility retrieved Wednesday afternoon showed that Glover was not in custody there and had not been booked into the jail since last week’s reported incident.

“My understanding is that there has been no change in his status,” KSU spokesperson Tammy DeMel said Wednesday. According to the arrest warrant, Glover was transported to Ridgeview on Aug. 29.

Officials at Ridgeview did not return calls by press time Wednesday.

The warrant sets Glover’s bond at $10,000.

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