Police say three inmates attacked officers at the Cobb County jail, leaving them with injuries requiring transportation by ambulance and hospital treatment.

Francisco Cruz, 21, Dorian Acosta, 25, and Arshade Yates, 24, all of Marietta, are accused of attacking two Cobb deputies between 5:20 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Sept. 19, causing injuries to one of the deputy’s faces and another’s leg and back.

Arrest warrants state the three men attacked one officer as he “attempted to lock down inmates” in a section of the jail. When another deputy came to his aid, he was also attacked, the warrants show.

The warrants state the three inmates punched the first deputy multiple times in the face, leaving him with severe swelling around his left eye, loss of vision and lacerations to his forehead and nose.

When the second deputy arrived to assist his colleague, the inmates pushed him into a fixed metal table and chair, causing a laceration to the back of his left leg, police said. The deputy also reported pain and stiffness in his lower back when he arrived at WellStar Kennestone Hospital for treatment, warrants show.

Cruz, Acosta and Yates are being held without bond at the Cobb jail. The three men face charges including aggravated battery, obstruction, rioting and criminal interference with government property, jail records show.

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JJ Herndon

This is now three deputies attacked in a week. Two of them were taken with head injuries, including numerous stitches, to the Kennestone ER. Did you know that under Sheriff Buddy Neil Warren deputies are often working alone overseeing hundreds of inmates? Yes, hundreds. Alone. Many skip meals so they can at least be there for each other... 300+ to 2 deputies otherwise this keeps happening. They lack tasers, backup and support. Did you know our sheriff has never worked in our jail? Did you know he’s not even jailer certified? It’s the basic certification all his deputies on the front lines have. Maybe it’s because he’s so out of touch, maybe it’s because he doesn’t care (he’s given himself a raise every year even when deputies did without), maybe it’s because he’s never worked in the jail. Just maybe it’s all three. The status quo is no longer working. It’s time for a change. Our deputies need the support that this man is either unable, unwilling or doesn’t know how to give. Remember this when you vote next year. www.herndonforsheriff.com

tara maurer

So is this why Cobb County has suspended all visitations, commissary, and phone calls for all the inmates???? You mean to tell me my son and the many others there are being punished for the individual actions of three inmates? Not to mention yet a FOURTH inmate has died in the care of Cobb County custody within the last 12 months? When is it going to be enough that action be taken at this facility? How long should this continue?

chelsea johns

Exactly this is insane! My fiancé been in there since last Monday and hasn’t been able to call since Saturday!! We need to know that our loved ones are ok in there! Punish the 3 that were involved not everybody! Look at their original charges!!!

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