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This map shows the borders for a proposed city of East Cobb.

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A committee has been formed to explore the creation of the city of East Cobb, which would be the county’s seventh city, with organizers even presenting a map showing its proposed boundaries.

According to a map provided to the MDJ by Joe Gavalis, president of the Committee for Cityhood in East Cobb Inc., the city would be bounded to the east by the county border. Among the corridors that would be included in the proposed city would be Shallowford Road east of Wesley Chapel Road, Roswell Road east of Sewell Mill Road, Lower Roswell Road east of South Marietta Parkway and most of Terrell Mill Road east of Interstate 75.

Mabry and Johnson Ferry roads until they hit the county line would also be a part of the city.

The proposed city would span about 40 square miles and would have a population of about 96,858, which is similar to Roswell (population 94,786) and Johns Creek (population 84,350). This would make it the largest city in Cobb both by population and land area. Marietta currently leads in both categories with a population of 61,048, according to 2017 Census data, and area of about 23 square miles.

The boundaries as proposed would put the potential city entirely within Commissioner Bob Ott’s District 2.

Within the city would be Walton and Wheeler high schools, but the boundaries as drawn would not include Lassiter, Pope or Sprayberry.

Though the map was released in November, questions remain as to some of the individuals pushing the idea of the county’s seventh city.

The Secretary of State’s Office lists the Committee for Cityhood in East Cobb forming as a domestic nonprofit corporation on Sept. 4 with an address of 35 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta, the MDJ previously reported. The registered agent is Owen Brown, who is also listed by the Secretary of State at the same Johnson Ferry Road address as CEO of both Retail Planning Management Company and Tallahassee Holdings, Inc.

Earlier this month, longtime east Cobb resident Joe O’Connor said he resigned from what he said had been a steering committee to pursue the formation of the new city. He said group leaders declined to detail all who provided the funding to a $36,000 feasibility study that concluded that the city could support itself financially.

The MDJ has sought the names of others behind the effort, though Gavalis has declined naming others involved.

“When we complete our strategic plan, we will finalize who will be formally asked to join us and then we will announce who has accepted,” he said.

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