MARIETTA — A suspect who triggered an hours-long search in an apartment building of a Marietta apartment complex Thursday morning was apprehended early Thursday afternoon by Atlanta police.

Atlanta police notified their counterparts in Marietta at about 5:23 a.m. Thursday that they were attempting to arrest 27-year-old Maliek Dandridge, who was believed to be in the 2300 building at The Park on Windy Hill apartment complex, according to Officer Chuck McPhilamy, spokesperson for Marietta police. As a result, the building was evacuated.

By 5:28 a.m., multiple units were on the scene, and police found evidence of weapons and ammunition in Dandridge’s apartment, McPhilamy said. Since they didn’t know if he took any weapons with him as he fled, police assumed he was armed. They also discovered evidence that Dandridge got into the attic space of the apartment and that other apartment units had been broken into from that attic, McPhilamy added.

“The apartments were evacuated once we realized the suspect had crawled up into the attic space and neighbors heard him moving above their apartment. At this time, we believe the entire building to be evacuated other than our officers and the suspect,” McPhilamy said late Thursday morning.

Over the course of the morning, law enforcement surrounded the 2300 building, and the Marietta SWAT team conducted a search of the building to try to apprehend Dandridge without incident. But at about noon Thursday, authorities called off the search efforts.

“The suspect was not located within the building,” McPhilamy said, adding that all indications, such as reports from residents of neighboring units, showed that Dandridge had been within the facility.

According to Atlanta police, shortly after authorities cleared the scene at the Marietta apartments, Atlanta Police Fugitive investigators received information that Dandridge had relocated to 1734 Defoor Place in northwest Atlanta. Investigators arrived there and found Dandridge inside a vehicle wearing a fake beard. A handgun was also recovered from the vehicle, according to Atlanta police.

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