Rep. Greene posts Twitter poll concerning 'national divorce' says 'I too might agree'

Screenshot from 14th Congressional District Rep. Marjorie Greene's personal Twitter page.

14th Congressional District Rep. Marjorie Greene offered support Friday to the idea that Republican leaning states and Democratic leaning states should separate into two different nations after posting a poll earlier this week "Should America have a national divorce?"

'Should America have a national divorce?' she posted to her personal Twitter account early this week with three options: Yes, by R & D states; No, stay together and Undecided.

On Friday morning Rep. Greene continued to post to her personal Twitter page intimating support for the idea.

"This should be the warning siren to all of us that America is on a path to irreconcilable differences," she wrote on her personal account. She then cited several issues that she claimed were the fault of current President Joe Biden and added "I too might agree."

Greene has 449,700 followers on her personal Twitter and more than 333,800 on her official congressional account.

Greene's spokesperson, Nick Dyer, on Wednesday directed an inquiry to another Tweet he claimed was Greene "specifically denouncing those claims." 

That Tweet read "The horrid state of our union since Biden took office has had so many people asking me about a National Divorce," she wrote on Wednesday. "ND is not civil war like Antifa/BLM incitement over the past few years, it’s a civil legal process. It’s a real issue bc Americans don’t like communism."

Dyer said in an email that Greene would be travelling so may not be available for comment on the topic.

However, she continued to post on her Twitter account regarding the topic on Friday while showing support for the issue.

She claimed that Democrats had caused a rift among Americans, the results of the poll with 84,487 Twitter users participating were: "48% No, stay together", "43% Yes, by R & D States" and "9% Undecided."

She further wrote that the final results were skewed "after the outraged left shared this poll and tried to tank it."

On Tuesday, prior to the poll being broadcast in multiple media outlets, more than 18,500 people had cast a vote and the results were: 50.8% claim they want the country divided, 38.7% say they want all U.S. states to stay together and 10.5% voted they were undecided.

Since taking office, Greene has conducted several town halls within the 14th District, including one Thursday night in Paulding County, as well as attending a number of events and fundraisers throughout the district. She has also taken to the national stage and is scheduled to speak in Plainfield, Connecticut on Oct. 23.

This Thursday, Greene testified in defense of Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, who pleaded guilty after publicly criticizing the failures of "senior leadership" following an attack at Kabul's Hamid Karzai International Airport, which took the lives of 13 service members.

Concerning the trial The Military Times wrote:

"So did her arguments during the sentencing phase of the Marine officer’s special court-martial, which meandered from her personal 9/11 experience to calls for President Joe Biden’s resignation.

Amid repeated relevancy objections from Lt. Col. Nicholas Gannon, the Marine Corps’ top prosecutor, Greene was cut off multiple times by Col. Glen Hines, the military judge."

After testifying on Thursday, she posted to her personal Twitter page that she was "honored" to testify on Scheller’s behalf.

Scheller was sentenced on Friday to receive a punitive letter of reprimand and forfeit $5,000 of one month’s pay after pleading guilty to all charges stemming from his public tirades against top military and civilian leaders, the Marine Corps announced.

City Editor Diane Wagner contributed to this report.


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