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Cobb's 2018 STAR Students

Twenty-eight of the county’s top performing high school seniors will be recognized Monday evening at the 51st annual STAR Student and Teacher banquet, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Metro-Marietta.

The banquet will celebrate students with the highest SAT scores and grade point average from public, private and charter schools across Cobb and Marietta, according to Elizabeth Rhodes of the Metro Marietta Kiwanis. Two schools — North Cobb Christian School and Walton High School — had ties this year.

The event will also recognize the teachers who helped the students achieve their success — each of the 28 students can invite the teacher most instrumental in their academic development.

The STAR program was launched in 1958 by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and was adopted by the Metro Marietta Kiwanis in 1966.

Monday’s winners will go on to compete in the regional event next month against students from schools across north Metro Atlanta, Rhodes said.

The banquet is scheduled for 6 p.m. Monday at the First United Methodist Church in Marietta, at 56 Whitlock Ave. SW near Marietta Square.

The 2018 STAR students (marked with an asterisk) and teachers are:

♦ Allatoona High School: Jimmy Matalenas* and Mark Bagwell

♦ Campbell High School: Parrish Studebaker * and Crystal Kidd

♦ Cornerstone Preparatory Academy: Barry Francis* and Terri Haas

♦ Cumberland Christian Academy: Alex Jang* and Gary Oxendine

♦ Dominion Christian Academy: Alice Jin* and Kevin Rhoads

♦ Harrison High School: Maggie Enright* and Jonathan Gross

♦ Hillgrove High School: Emma Barron* and Robert Delisle

♦ Kell High School: Mitchell Gacuzana* and Douglas LaVigne

♦ Kennesaw Mountain High School: Mary Kate Gale* and Cheryl Cannon

♦ Lassiter High School: Neal Ostrowski * and Keelan Seabolt

♦ Marietta High School: Grace Garrison* and Tammy Shiflett

♦ McEachern High School: Carnell Lyon* and Beth Amacher

♦ Mount Paran Christian School: Trevor Brooks* and Ben Gribble

♦ North Cobb Christian School (tie): Gracie Johnson* and Amber Timms

♦ North Cobb Christian School (tie): Adam Doughty* and Joshua Speck

♦ North Cobb High School: Eric Smith* and Deepa Stephen

♦ Osborne High School: Danarick Slaughter* and Kathryn Rathke

♦ Pebblebrook High School: Garrett Davis* and Jennifer Litowich

♦ Pope High School: Loren Tsang* and Jessica Kelly

♦ Shiloh Hills Christian School: Gunhee Lee* and Hunter Kurek

♦ South Cobb High School: Adib Khan* and Sally Giusti

♦ Sprayberry High School: Juan Rodriguez Soto* and Natasha Beemon

♦ The Walker School: Zoey Brown* and Randy Fields

♦ Walton High School (tie): Grace Zhou* and Laura Speer

♦ Walton High School (tie): Daniel Hudadoff* and Laura Speer

♦ Walton High School (tie): Robert Morgan* and Alan Farnsworth

♦ Wheeler High School: Sofiya Vyshnya* and Sharon Hunt

♦ Whitefield Academy: Evan Gossett* and Steve Hellier

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