Thirty-three of the county’s top performing high school seniors will be recognized Monday evening at the 52nd-annual STAR Student and Teacher banquet, sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Metro-Marietta and Professional Association of Georgia Educators.

The banquet will celebrate students with the highest SAT scores and grade point average from public, private and charter schools across Cobb and Marietta, according to Elizabeth Rhodes of the Metro-Marietta Kiwanis Club.

The event will also recognize the teachers who helped the students achieve their success — each of the 33 students can invite the teacher most instrumental in their academic development.

The STAR program was launched in 1958 by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and was adopted by the Metro-Marietta Kiwanis in 1966.

Monday’s winners will go on to compete in the regional event at the end of March against students from schools across north metro Atlanta, Rhodes said. Winner(s) from the regional event will advance to state.

The banquet is scheduled for 6 p.m. Monday at Roswell Street Baptist Church in Marietta.

The 2019 STAR students and teachers are:

Allatoona High School:♦ Heather Sendall and Neisha Williams

Campbell High School:♦ Grace Li and Melyn Roberson

Cornerstone Preparatory Academy:♦ Hannah Baines and Jillian Cosgrove

Cumberland Christian Academy:♦ Micah Jones and Kelly Jones

Dominion Christian School (tie):♦ Izzy Koerner and Chuck Whittaker

Dominion Christian School (tie): ♦ Austin Schubert and Edward Pascual

Harrison High School:♦ Harrison Smith and Monica Doriney

Hillgrove High School:♦ Brooke Hansbrough and Michael Tydings

Kell High School (tie):♦ Anabelle Colmenares and Davan Silva

Kell High School (tie):♦ Reilly McLean and Lauren Forbes

Kennesaw Mountain High School (tie):♦ Nick Dentice and Eden Hunt

Kennesaw Mountain High School (tie):♦ Dorian Kidonakis and Angela Wood

Kennesaw Mountain High School (tie):♦ Lily Kim and Joanne Jezequel

Kennesaw Mountain High School (tie): ♦ Emily Williams and Michael Huebner

Lassiter High School: ♦ Peter Jacobson and Dianne Adams

Marietta High School: ♦ Andy Chinuntdet and Luke Burch

McEachern High School: ♦ Jarah Cotton and Beth Amacher

Mount Paran Christian School: ♦ David Bunn and Donna Wood

North Cobb Christian School:♦ Jake Watson and Joshua Speck

North Cobb High School: ♦ Rebekah Geil and Deepa Stephen

Osborne High School: ♦ Jocelynn Galvan and Antoinette McGarey

Pebblebrook High School: ♦ Martin Vershel and Frank Timmerman

Pope High School: ♦ Hannah Rose Grant and Luisa Munar

Shiloh Hills Christian School: ♦ Erin Kingsley and Susan Layton

South Cobb High School: ♦ Kevin Homer and Eduardo Ramos

Sprayberry High School:♦ Yllona Coronado and Scott Grant

The Walker School: ♦ Ryan Sawyer and Rob Holman

Walton High School (tie): ♦ William Ellsworth and Doug Wolfe

Walton High School (tie): ♦ Albert Tingand, Brian Wilson

Walton High School (tie): ♦ Jayson Wu and Laura Speer

Wheeler High School (tie): ♦ Andrew Koo and Nicole Ice

Wheeler High School (tie): ♦ Daniel Zhou and Susan Phillips

Whitefield Academy: Caleb Corliss and Kyle Justice

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