Smyrna’s North Cooper Lake Park could see the addition of multi-use trails and a bike skills course in coming months, pending the city council’s approval of a construction contract on Monday.

If approved, the contract would be awarded to American Ramp Company, also known as Progressive Bike Ramps, for $320,375.68. The company’s bid for construction work states the project could be completed in 120 days.

Richard Garland, the city’s director of parks and recreation, said Thursday the addition of the multi-use trails and bike skills park would make North Cooper Lake Park a “one-stop venue for bike riders.” Garland said the park is the first of its kind in the state and should attract riders from all over the metro region.

“There will be a bicycle skills park that we will refer to as a slopestyle course for the more advanced rider. The park will also feature a bike playground with pump track. This area will be a great place to learn to ride or to improve your riding skills,” he said.

In a letter to the city, Tim Babcock, bike park development manager for Progressive Bike Ramps, said the park improvements create a fun area that would draw bike enthusiasts, families and surrounding area community members to this area and provide active outdoor recreation amenities that promote a healthy and engaging experience.”

According to documents submitted to the city by Progressive Bike Ramps, the project will include:

♦ 3.5 miles of bike trails, varying in difficulty from beginner to intermediate, as well as “trails optimized for hikers and dog walkers.”

♦ A beginner bike loop, which will consist of about a mile of “cross-country style trail,” with a smooth trail tread and a maximum slope of 5%. The trail will require two bridges.

♦ The intermediate bike trail will have a rougher, more natural texture and steeper trail pitch of 6% to 10%. Added challenges compared to the beginner trail will include climbing turns and large bermed turns with jump opportunities between each turn. The trail will require five bridges.

♦ The beginner slopestyle trail will provide a new rider an “introductory experience to the urban bike park experience.” The trail will give bikers the opportunity to build momentum or roll slowly through sweeping turns and over hills.

♦ The intermediate slopestyle will take riders on steeper slopes than the beginner, allowing them to maintain speed throughout and encouraging jumps. The trail will end with a curved wall.

♦ The “bicycle playground,” will be specifically designed for young and beginner riders. The area will consist of low-lying, wide-tread beginner skills features.

Walkers will also see a variety of trail options, should the contract be approved. A casual bike/walking trail will include 1,000 linear feet of multi-use trail and begins at the existing pedestrian bridge. The trail will have no protruding rocks or roots, according to the developers. The Creekside Hand Built Trail, a 300-foot walking trail, will give park patrons water access on a steeper slope close the park’s creek.

The system’s “puppy loop” will provide 1,600 feet of 4-foot wide trail below the park, which developers say will be ideal for dog walkers or families.

Nicole Bartig, a Smyrna resident and mother of two, said she and her children use the park most every day. Bartig said the recent addition of a playground has attracted far more traffic, and the proposed additions for more trails and bike activity space will help put the park on the map even more.

“I know a lot of people in the area love to ride bikes, and they love to go on the trails and ride around,” she said. “We haven’t done that yet because the kids are little ... but we use the trails a lot and hike around back there.”

The 51-acre park at 4210 Cooper Lake Road houses a playground, a community garden and open space, as well as a .5-mile walking trail and biking trails.

The Smyrna City Council is expected to vote on the contract at its meeting 7 p.m. Monday at Smyrna City Hall.


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