Smyrna Mayor Max Bacon is recognizing some of the biggest supporters and students of Smyrna’s public and private schools.

Twice a year, Bacon announces his Mayor’s Education Awards to honor parents, students, staff and volunteers for their academic achievement, dedication and volunteer service.

Bacon created the awards in 2006. Each principal nominates an outstanding student, staff member and volunteer to recognize their outstanding efforts twice a year, according to Jennifer Bennett, city spokesperson.

This May’s winners were announced Monday night during the City Council’s meeting. The winners are:

Argyle Elementary School

♦ Student: Mariama Dia

♦ Staff: Carlene Creary

♦ Volunteer: Maggie Detmar

Belmont Hills Elementary School

♦ Student: Anna Carrillo

♦ Staff: Patrice Hill

♦ Volunteer: Dan Scoggins

Green Acres Elementary School

♦ Student: Sanai Crowder

♦ Staff: Renee Kroll

♦ Volunteer: Crystal Rodriguez

King Springs Elementary School

♦ Student: Lydia Dunson

♦ Staff: Karla Rozier

♦ Volunteer: Diane Overton

Nickajack Elementary School

♦ Student: Alexander Hall

♦ Staff: Cynthia Wood

♦ Volunteer: Shane Hayes

Norton Park Elementary School

♦ Student: Barric Tuchscher

♦ Staff: Gretchen Ayers

♦ Volunteer: Maribel Vega

Russell Elementary School

♦ Student: Alex Sams

♦ Staff: Cynthia Isaac

♦ Volunteer: Amanda Luft

Smyrna Elementary School

♦ Student: Benjamin Emareyo

♦ Staff: Sindy Magana

♦ Volunteer: Kristin Dabson

Teasley Elementary School

♦ Student: Ally Bounds

♦ Staff: Cornelia Washington

♦ Volunteer: Ritu Chanda

Campbell Middle School

♦ Student: Nkechi Holmes

♦ Staff: Ingrid Hanson

♦ Volunteer: Tony Wainbright

Griffin Middle School

♦ Student: James Cyganek

♦ Staff: Charles Allred

♦ Volunteer: Tracey Santos

Campbell High School

♦ Student: Harold Truong

♦ Staff: Susan Sinclair

♦ Volunteer: Richard Holmes

Covenant Christian School

♦ Student: Colleen Cameron

♦ Staff: Kathy Registe

♦ Volunteer: Aneatria Leason

International Academy of Smyrna

♦ Student: Mykhayla Carroll

♦ Staff: Alicia Johnson

♦ Volunteer: Angela Green

Whitefield Academy

♦ Student: Christina Nicks

♦ Staff: Amelia Carmichael

♦ Volunteer: Kara Peterson


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