A Smyrna man with 10 fake driver’s licenses used them to steal a Jeep Wrangler and a BMW luxury sedan from car dealerships in Marietta and Cumberland, authorities claim.

Mychael Brandon Payne, 34, faces 26 felonies of identity theft fraud, forgery and theft by deception after illegally obtaining the cars on April 30 and May 17 last year and possessing 10 fake driver’s licenses bearing his photograph and seven different names, arrest warrants allege.

Payne, originally from Alabama, has been in custody at the Cobb County jail for the last 52 days since being arrested on Nov. 17 on some of the charges, his jail record shows.

His latest arrest warrant, dated Jan. 2, shows 20 additional charges were recently filed against him, in respect of the multiple fake identities.

The 10 fake driver’s licenses were found in Payne’s Montclair Court home, off Atlanta Road near the Concord Road/Spring Road intersection, authorities allege.

Different names on the licenses included a misspelling of Mycheal Payne, warrants show, and none of the licenses matched official files.

Payne had three fake Georgia driver’s licenses for Jason Tucker, each with a different license number, and another for David Evans, records show.

Payne also had two fake Alabama driver’s licenses under the name Michael Payne, with different license numbers, and four other fake Alabama licenses for Bradford Bay, Terry Webber, Kevin Maull and Michael Jones, his warrants state.

For each of the 10 fake licenses Payne was charged with felony counts of identity fraud/fictitious information and forgery in the second degree, for which he is subject to a $30,000 bond order, per the Jan. 2 warrant.

Authorities state that on April 30 last year Payne went to the Bill Holt Mitsubishi dealership on Cobb Parkway in Marietta, at the Delk Road/South Cobb Drive intersection, and used a fake Alabama driver’s license to purchase a $30,836 2017 Jeep Wrangler.

Payne took possession of the vehicle, authorities said.

The fake license he used featured his photograph and “identifying information concerning Kevin Maull,” warrants state.

Payne is charged with three felony counts of forgery in the first degree, identity theft fraud and theft by deception in regards to the Mitsubishi dealership incident, and subject to a $50,000 bond order, records show.

An Oct. 11, 2019, warrant states Payne went to the Global Imports BMW dealership on Interstate North Parkway, off I-285 in Cumberland, on May 17 last year and used “identifying information concerning Alishya Stovall” without that person’s knowledge or consent to purchase a 2016 BMW 750.

This kind of vehicle is advertised for up to $50,000 by the BMW dealership, located about five miles southeast of Bill Holt Mitsubishi.

Payne also used a fake Alabama driver’s license, bearing his photograph alongside information for Kevin Maull, as well as Kevin Maull’s social security number, to get the BMW, the warrant states.

In respect of that incident, Payne is charged with two felony counts of identity theft fraud and one felony count of forgery in the first degree, and is not eligible for bond for risk of additional felony, per the warrant.

His jail record shows he is subject to three bond orders totaling $130,000 on the 26 collective charges, as well as a “hold” order by DeKalb County, and ankle monitoring in another jurisdiction.

He was transferred into Cobb custody at the Atlanta city jail, records show.


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