Smyrna Mayor Derek Norton extended the city’s lockdown Tuesday, issuing an executive order closing businesses in which employees have “direct contact” with customers.

Essential health care businesses are exempt from the order, which is in effect until April 3. Direct contact is defined as the “physical touching of any part of the customer’s body.”

Specifically listed in the order are hair salons, barber shops, nail salons, spas, massage parlors and tattoo parlors, but that list is not all-inclusive.

Gathering places in public parks, such as pavilions and gazebos, and playground and fitness equipment were also closed to the public by Tuesday’s order. The parks themselves will remain open.

Tuesday’s order was made possible by Norton’s declaration of a state of emergency last week. Accompanying the mayor’s declaration was an order to close the city’s bars, cafes, restaurants, gyms and a host of other public gathering places.

“This is not a decision taken lightly,” Norton said in a statement issued after he signed the order closing bars and other businesses last week. “The environment we live in is changing hourly and the City of Smyrna will continue to make timely decisions to protect our citizens and staff.”

Three orders accompanied the mayor’s declaration of a state of emergency:

♦ All restaurants, coffee shops, and other places where food is offered to the public will be limited to takeout, drive-thru or delivery. All on-premises dining is prohibited. Restaurants licensed to sell alcoholic beverages can sell such beverages with takeout orders.

♦ All public assemblages, events and gatherings of 10 people or more are prohibited within the city limits.

♦ All bars, night clubs, skating rinks, gyms, trampoline parks and private social clubs are closed.

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