Cobb sheriff’s deputies were part of a task force responsible for the recent capture of a man wanted in the county on rape and incest charges, according to Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren.

Warren congratulated members of his staff on Facebook on Thursday for their part in the capture of Algeray McCall, a man Warren said was wanted for the rape of a minor in Cobb County.

Warren’s post spells the name “Algeary” but warrants and jail records show the spelling “Algeray.”

The post says a warrant for McCall’s arrest had originally been issued on April 7, and the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office requested the assistance of the U.S. Marshals Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force in locating and apprehending McCall.

Warren said the Cobb Sheriff’s Office fugitive and task force investigators conducted interviews and developed information that showed McCall was aware of the charges against him and was hiding in a motel in Greensboro, North Carolina.

On May 20, the marshals task force “conducted extensive surveillance at the hotel and located McCall,” Warren wrote, adding that he was taken into custody without incident.

McCall was transported to the Guilford County Jail in Greensboro and is awaiting extradition back to Cobb County, according to the sheriff.

Arrest warrants show McCall has been accused of raping a 16-year-old at a motel after picking her up at The Varsity in Atlanta under the guise of taking her to see her grandfather.

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(4) comments

Sirhc Sivad

If you have not seen the "This. Is. Why." meme of the Minneapolis cop taking a knee on George Floyd juxtaposed with Colin Kapernick taking a knee on the football field, you need to find it and take a hard look at it.

And then if you support Neil Warren, the only one left of the three man goon squad that harassed KSU cheerleaders for taking a knee, you need to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

Neil Warren, This [Guy] Is Why, for us here in Cobb. He has to go, just like Earl Erhart and Sam Olens, his buddies that helped harass the KSU cheerleaders for taking a knee, were made to go.

Taking a knee is, obviously, first amendment protected expression, but it is SO much more than that. Warren does not get it and he will Never get it.

We voters should hvae put Warren out to pasture twenty years ago like everyone else in that old 1980s and 1990s boy's club that kept the Olympics from coming to Cobb due to Cobb's former xenophobia.

We former-ed xenophobia. Let's former Sheriff Warren.

Former Sheriff Warren. I love the sound of that.

Johanna Williams

@sirhc sivad

Your opinionated comments about Warren may or may not be valid.

However, your concept of the First Amendment is totally in error.

Moreover, name-calling someone "xenophobic" is a term favored by the radical far left to describe someone whose beliefs or opinion do not coincide with the radical far left agenda. Your remarks about the First Amendment and your use of name-calling do nothing to support your opinion of Warren, because they lack any substance.

Sirhc Sivad

Thank you Johanna for your response. My opinionated comments about Warren are absolutely valid, as everyone is entitled to their own opinion and my comments are presenting my opinion on the news. Your comments about my comments are valid too! They are your opinion and you have every right to state your opinion and I appreciate reading your opinion on my opinion. It's flattering someone seems to care what I think

"Xenophobic" is a term that includes people who fear others who they feel are like them, although it also includes fears of unfamiliar experiences as well. Warren was not familiar with people taking a knee as a political speech, and he reacted to it with fight or flight, but he did not fly, he fought. Fight or flight is a reaction to fear. Therefore his fight proves his fear of the unfamiliar, and it's no coincidence that the humans behaving in an unfamiliar way are humans who do not look like Mr Warren. I have been here in Cobb since the 1960s. I have seen all the man has done. I was here when the Olympics were not here. I was here when Smyrna was "Redneck." I was here when pastures of cows and horses, not crowds of houses, were in between Marietta and Atlanta. I have not, however, been here so long that I have not adapted myself as Cobb changed for the better. Warren has not adapted with me or Cobb. Warren needs to find himself a pasture. The man should exit gracefully with a resignation. If he gets another them, I am sure we taxpayers will be paying multi-millions of dollars in judgements against him for whatever it is that goes on at OUR jail that results in so many deaths of so many people who are neither elderly nor frail.

Johanna Williams

@Sirhc Sivad

News Flash for Sirhc Sirhc, Warren was NOT sheriff in the 1960s, then again we are all too familiar with the attempts of the radical far left extremists to rewrite and revise history. More news flashes for Sirhc Sirhc, kneeling at sporting events during the National Anthem is NOT political speech, never was, but then you probably regard shouting "fire" in a crowded movie theater as "political speech" too? "Xenophobic" is a term the radical far left extremists incorporated into their false narrative as justification to violate established law. Congratulations on adding a new word to your name-calling vocabulary. With the addition of "redneck" to your name-calling vocabulary, you now have a six-word name-calling vocabulary, which places you ahead of Rich Plent! BTW, I note a slight improvement in your English written expression skills, which makes one wonder if there is more than one Sirhc Sirhc?

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