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Sen. Johnny Isakson on Monday joined a growing number of Senate Republicans calling for Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore to step aside. He also said Republicans were committed to passing tax reform by Christmas.

MARIETTA — Addressing a crowd of about 150 Monday afternoon at a Rotary Club luncheon, Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Georgia, joined a growing list of Republican senators calling on Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore to step down.

Moore, who is running to fill the seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has come under fire since several women came forward accusing him of pursuing romantic relationships with them as teenagers when Moore was in his 30s.

Several Senate leaders, including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have called for Moore to end his campaign, and on Monday, Isakson lined up behind them.

“The allegations seem a lot more credible than any defense he has put up.” Isakson said. “Something like that is inexcusable and should be intolerable.”

Isakson said nothing is more important than one’s integrity, and the U.S. Senate cannot afford to house anyone with questionable moral character. But in the unlikely event Moore heeds the calls to step aside, a Democrat winning the seat in deep red Alabama could tip the scales in close votes on the Senate floor.

Since February, Vice President Mike Pence has cast five tie-breaking votes, more than any other vice president in their first year of office.

“As a member of the Republican Party and an elected Republican, there’s no circumstance under which having a Democrat would be better (than having a Republican),” said Isakson, “That said, anybody who violates the moral code of ethics and decency should not be serving in the United States Senate.”

In a statement issued last week through his White House press secretary, President Donald Trump said Moore should step aside if the allegations against him are true.

“Obviously,” said Isakson, “But he ought to step down anyway. The accusations appear more credible than the denial.”

Speaking to members of the Rotary Club of Marietta and the Rotary Club of Marietta Metro at a luncheon aimed at saluting the men and women of the U.S. armed forces, the senior Georgia Senator also said he remains committed to getting tax reform passed before Christmas.

“We start tonight,” he said. “I’m very optimistic. We’ve worked very hard for three years to get us to the point where we know what the issues are, we know what the options are and we’re picking the right combination that gives a tax reduction to middle-class Americans, tax reform for corporate America and a platform for growth in the future.”

Isakson said Congress typically ends up reforming the nation’s tax code every quarter century or so, but hasn’t done so since the ’80s.

“It’s about time we do it again,” he said, noting President Trump is working much more closely with members of Congress on tax reform than he did on the failed Senate bill aimed at repealing the Affordable Care Act. “When you’re talking about people’s money, you’re talking about the most important thing there is to them.”

The bill in question, which will likely reduce the number of tax brackets Americans fall into, will save the average family of four more than $1,200 a year, Isakson said, stressing the importance of also reducing the tax rates paid by U.S. corporations in order to keep companies here.

He said he hopes to see the Senate bill passed out of committee by Thursday night and onto the floor for approval next week.

“By Christmas, we’re going to have a tax bill,” he said. “That’s our commitment.”

Speaking during his lunch, Isakson also touched on a plan that would open the runway of Dobbins Air Reserve Base to civilian and commercial aircraft, a move he said could be good for Cobb.

“I’m taking input from the Air Force, the Air Guard and from the community, but I think some limited private use would be a great thing for the economy and the county,” he said, emphasizing that Cobb has everything necessary to be a “first-class attractor of businesses and economic development.”


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(13) comments

Anonymous Commenter

Should he only step down? Seems to me he should probably be locked up. The accusations currently making headlines are beyond statute, but what about the girls from last month and last year? People who do this sort of thing don't stop on their own. Even though he surely can't commit to the deed, that would not stop him from the power trip and rush he gets from preying on little girls. Remember how Moore was kicked off the bench more than once? Well that go like the old jokes about alleged Hollywood abusers Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey and Louis CK. The judiciary knew about Moore. That is why they kept getting rid of him. And his reported "problem" is why his wife was always forcing him to install 10 Commandment plaques everywhere he went!

Anonymous Commenter

The statements coming from the so called Republicans is disgusting. It appears Roy Moore is being tried without a trail. My suggestion is for Roy Moore or someone else call for lie detector tests for all of those who have made claims. I agree that Roy Moore should step down if any of the claims are found to be true.

Anonymous Commenter

Democrats and even yes Johnny Isakson will tolerate all kinds of things, for years and years, but when some women come forward to "Swift Boat" a conservative candidate, they go nuts! I'm not as conservative as Judge Moore, but this is amazing. Democrats and Republicans have tolerated female genital mutilation (where are all the calls for this to be stopped in America?) and sharia law, they've tolerated shady deaths of young campaign workers (Seth Rich), they've tolerated gangs like MS13, who live among us peons but never get close to the big politicians. Johnny has been in the Senate almost 20 years, yet the VA is as screwed up as ever...very little progress despite what he claims. The DC Swamp has tolerated wounded warriors waiting in lines for months to get care, and the invasion of illegal aliens into our local communities at a cost to taxpayers of trillions. So when some woman says a guy pushed her head towards his privates almost 40 years ago and they come out FREAKING, I'm sorry, but it's just not enough for me to NEGATE the people of Alabama's votes and what, replace the guy with a Swamp thing they just spent a disgusting $30 million on for his primary LOSS. This is wrong, it's the destruction of a man and his family's character and our family is appalled. Johnny, this will come back to bite ALL republicans someday, because if they succeed (or I should say if Mitch McConnell succeeds) there will NEVER be another conservative elected to office. Because this only works on conservatives you know. Liberals can touch all the little girls they want....see Joe Biden's White House inappropriate touching....


Innocent until proven guilty, what we see in full display in the media and elsewhere is lynch mob mentality...

Anonymous Commenter

Wow, a suspected pedophile, and a man who has no respect for the law would be better than a Dem. That about sums up the Republican base at the moment. Such good, god-fearing people.

Anonymous Commenter

What is the big deal about Roy Moore? Their President, Donald J. Trump did the same sort of things and bragged about it. All the old Republican white men think they can do whatever they want to women because their Bible says their women are suppose to be subservient. It's ludicrous to everyone else, but to them it's normal and fine. Republicans. What are ya gonna do!! THIS IS EXACTLY WHO REPUBLICANS ARE

Anonymous Commenter

That's rich! Especially coming from the party of Bill "Monica Lewinsky" Clinton and his enabler wife Hellery.

Anonymous Commenter

Does Isaacson believe the p*ssy grabber in chief should resign and move aside? Moral integrity is important.

Anonymous Commenter

Seems the Russian Web Trolls are still going on about Bill Clinton, a guy who was in office in the 20th century, and blaming Democrats for Roy Moore molesting little girls in Alabama. Come to think of it, perhaps they have a point: Roy Moore would have been a Democrat back when he 30something years old, as that was before all the white Southern Democrats decided they couldn't be Democrats anymore due to their own racism

Anonymous Commenter

Seems the far left media is still granting free passes to liberal Democrat males who assault and molest women, while at the same time printing fake news about Roy Moore.

Hey Kev, you do realize that DEMOCRAT U.S. Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia was very proud of his membership in the KKK, now don't you? Or did you conveniently forget that verifiable historical fact?

Anonymous Commenter

Hey Russian Web Troll, if you were not a Russian Web Troll, you'd know BIll Clinton was impeached for his alleged affairs with adult women that occurred after he was already President. Roy Moore is getting elected by Alabama's Papa John's Pizza eaters, already having been outed as a molester, to represent Republican party with his Gropey President Trump who also got sent to Washtingon DC to represent the Republican Party after having already been outed as a molester. But you're a Russian Web Troll and don't care about facts!

Anonymous Commenter

Facts? Facts you say? Facts are not in the liberal far left lexicon.
And errr, did you forget to address the issue of DEMOCRAT U.S. Senator Robert Byrd's KKK membership? Not only was Byrd proud of his KKK membership, but he was also proud of being a KKK Grand Wizard.

As to Roy Moore? You have not been keeping up with the news I see. The so called scandal is starting to unravel. Yes, the pack of liars falsely accusing Moore are being unmasked, as we speak. One had a grudge against Moore for Moore's ruling in her divorce case. Another so called accuser has been on the Hillary Clinton payroll for years and has an established record of false accusations. Moreover, every one of Moore's accusers is refusing to take lie detector tests.

Looks like you will soon have nothing left to troll with.

Anonymous Commenter

Now the Russian Web Troll is talking about a dead Byrd instead of facing up to facts about Roy Moore and other live Republicans (I concede the point that "live" is debatable, but they have in fact not died of thier old ages just yet)

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