MARIETTA — The Cobb school board on Thursday accepted the resignation of John Adams, the district’s deputy superintendent over both human resources and school district operations, effective Jan. 1, as well as appointed career academy and technology executives.

Two road projects will also move forward with the Cobb school system’s donation of land near Lewis Elementary School and McEachern High School after the Cobb school board gave its blessing.

All the votes were unanimous.

Personnel actions

Deputy Superintendent Adams announced Aug. 9 that, after a “heart attack scare,” he would step down in January. In a resignation letter to Superintendent Chris Ragsdale, Adams said the stress of work from holding two major titles within the district led him to the decision.

While he will officially leave the district at the first of the new year, Adams said he would, at the advice of his doctor, take medical leave under the Family Medical Leave Act, which provides certain employees with up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave per year, as well as protects health care benefits.

Tiffany Barney will become the school district’s director of the Cobb Career Academy, effective Sept. 16. Barney will move from her role as the Georgia Department of Education’s Career, Technical and Agricultural Education program specialist and will make an annual salary of $106,604.94.

Marc Smith, who before the board’s vote retained the title of chief technology officer, will now be referred to as chief technology and operations officer. Smith’s salary will not change as a result of the title enhancement.

Road projects

The donation of 1,024 square feet of right of way and 4,354 square feet of easements near Lewis Elementary School, at 4179 Jim Owens Road in Kennesaw, will allow the Cobb Department of Transportation to move forward with a $1.5 million project that will add a roundabout at the intersection of Acworth Due West Road and Jim Owens Road/Mars Hill Church Road, as well as improve an entrance to the school with the installation of a right-turn lane from Jim Owens Road, according to Ross Cavitt, a Cobb County spokesman.

The board also approved the donation of 20,560 square feet of right of way along Gaydon and New Macland roads near McEachern High School, at 2400 New MacLand Road, Powder Springs.

That donation allows Cobb DOT to continue a widening project that will create left-turn lanes at the high school’s two driveways on New Macland Road and at Gaydon Road. It will also lengthen the existing right-turn lane on Gaydon Road at New Macland Road, along the McEachern High School frontage, as well as add sidewalks “where needed” on both roads, Cavitt said.

He said the overall tranportation project will run from state Route 360 to just south of Arapaho Drive and cost the county $2.7 million.

In other business, the board:

♦ Granted Georgia Power an easement to provide power to portable classroom units at Griffin Middle School;

♦ Approved the modification of a cell tower access easement at Pope High School;

♦ Approved the designation of school surplus materials and property for disposal;

♦ Approved a local plan/one-year funding application for $708,551 of career education funding for fiscal 2020.

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