Fitness lovers believe you get no gain without a commensurate amount of pain. County officials said they believe all the roadwork in the Cumberland area now will lead to smoother and safer rides and walks later this year.

“We understand that all the recent roadwork in the Cumberland Improvement District has been an inconvenience,” reads a county press release. “But progress is being made, and when it’s finished, it’s going to make travel through the area much easier.”

Here is a list of Cumberland projects that may currently be causing drivers pain, as well as what the county says you will gain from the experience.

Windy Hill Road at I-75 diverging diamond interchange

This interchange will be converted to a diverging diamond interchange, something that commuters who turn left to get on 75 may appreciate.

Under a traditional interchange, drivers turning left onto the interstate would have to cross opposing traffic lanes.

“This eliminates that kind of movement,” said Jim Wilgus, the county’s transportation director.

The result, he said, will be safer and more efficient travel.

Wilgus said the project is 72 percent complete and is expected to have a construction value cost of $18.5 million, which does not include right-of-way or other costs. project is The expected to be finished in June, according to a statement from the Cobb County communications department.

Cobb Parkway at I-285 westbound off-ramp and Spring Road/Circle 75 Parkway thoroughfare improvements

Cobb DOT officials are hoping this project will make heavy traffic times more tolerable by March.

“It’s going to make it easier during rush hour for cars to get out of the area because we’re making a dual left turn right now into a triple,” Wilgus said. “It’s certainly going to make a big improvement.”

The turn lanes will go from Cobb Parkway to westbound Spring Road.

In addition, the turn lanes on the I-285 westbound ramp will be lengthened and an additional barrier-separated turn lane from the I-285 westbound off-ramp to Circle 75 Parkway will be added. Sidewalks will also be widened.

Wilgus said the $6.19 million project is 60 percent complete.

Windy Ridge Parkway bridge pedestrian improvements

The existing bridge will be widened to provide easier pedestrian access and green space. Unlike many DOT projects, this one is not intended to help rush hour commuters.

“During the morning rush hours you’re not going to see much use on it,” Wilgus said. “Maybe some but not a lot.”

The expanded bridge will see the most use when the Braves play at SunTrust Park or for other special events.

Wilgus said the $11.4 million project is 47 percent complete. The county expects work to finish sometime in the fall.

I-285 multi-use bridge thoroughfare improvements

This new bridge spanning Galleria Drive, I-285 and Circle 75 Parkway will connect the Cumberland Galleria area with the new Battery Atlanta development.

Wilgus said the $10.08 million, 45-percent-complete project will be a boon on more than just game days.

“You’re going to see its value every day of the year,” he said. “The reason for that is you have destination points on both sides of the bridge, and you also have retail and hotel establishments on both sides of the bridge.”

County officials expect the bridge to be completed by August.

Reversible lanes

Construction is ongoing on the state’s $834 million managed lanes project through Cobb and Cherokee Counties. Georgia Department of Transportation estimates that drivers who use the express lanes will save up to 43 minutes on their commutes, while those using the existing general purpose lanes will save up to 16 minutes.

The project is over 66 percent complete.


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