MARIETTA — Superintendent Grant Rivera has recommended the Marietta school board approve school calendars for the 2020-21 and 2021-22 school years that match both the calendar used last school year and the calendar approved for next school year.

The calendars, which also mirror the Cobb County School District calendar, were recommended based on community feedback.

Rivera’s 2020-21 calendar begins school on Aug. 4, with breaks in the fall semester from Sept. 28–Oct. 2, Nov. 23–27 and Dec. 21–Jan. 1. Winter semester includes breaks from Feb 15–19 and April 5–9. The last day of school is May 27.

Marietta school board Chairman Jason Waters said Monday he plans to support the calendar recommendations. Waters said not only does he agree with keeping the calendars the same, but so do community members and school governance teams from every school in the district. The teams, he said, are made up of elected teachers and parents who make recommendations on behalf of the schools.

“All the school governance teams’ recommendations were unanimous. I don’t think that’s happened before, where they all wanted the same one,” Waters said. “So it’s a pretty easy answer for me: I’ll be supporting that.”

According to community surveys submitted to any parent and teacher who wished to give feedback, 66% of families and 85% of staff preferred Rivera’s recommended 2020-21 calendar when presented with three options in April. For the 2021-22 calendar, 62% of families and 84% of staff preferred the recommended calendar.

Waters said the fact that the calendars continue on the same pattern as what has historically been approved, as well as what lines up with the Cobb County School District, simplifies planning for families and staff.

“We have teachers that live in Cobb County, so they have kids in Cobb County schools,” he said. “So it’s very helpful from an employee standpoint.”

The school board is expected to consider approving the calendar at its work session at 6 p.m. on Tuesday. The board meets at the school district’s central office at 250 Howard St., Marietta.

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