A gang member incited a riot involving 200 people at South Cobb High School when he chased and fought a classmate and rival gang member after a football game, police say.

Ty’Shon Latrell Murray, 18, of Powder Springs is behind bars in the Cobb County jail without bond facing a felony charge of street gang activity as well as two misdemeanors of fighting and inciting a riot, jail records show.

Police say Murray, a member of the gang “4L” or “4 Life,” was at the school in Austell around 10:30 p.m. on Aug. 23 when he chased after “another student” and “classmate” from a rival gang called “RKN” or “Rich Kid Nation.” The two fought in the school parking lot.

The South Cobb High School football team hosted Pebblebrook in a non-conference game that night, losing to the visitors 37-13.

Police say Murray had a magazine with four rounds in the front pocket of his pants when he chased and fought the rival gang member, inciting a riot after the game.

“Nearly 200 people then started running wildly about the parking lot,” Murray’s arrest warrant states. “The crowd ran over others who were in the path.”

Records show Murray was arrested around 3 p.m. last Thursday at the school by Cobb County School District Police, then transferred to the county jail where he was booked into custody.

The Cobb County School District did not answer the MDJ’s questions Monday about whether anyone was hurt in the riot or if any school property was damaged.

Instead, school district spokeswoman Nan Kiel said Murray is not a student at South Cobb High School, contradicting to what police wrote on his arrest warrant.

“A non-South Cobb High School student was taken into custody as a result of events that took place in the South Cobb High School parking lot late on a Friday night,” Kiel said. “We greatly appreciate the Cobb County School District Police keeping our campus safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”


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High schools in Cobb County were dangerous places back in the day, bullies, jocks, punks and administrators who didn't care but there never were gang riots. Something new for Cobb schools.

Mike Nelson

Wow, I thought that was the school that was academically close to Walton. 😂

Rich the Equalizer Pellegrino

Very interesting that the word "riot" was used in this article to describe the incident, which was a fight between two individuals who sparked people running to get out of the way of potential violence. The definition of "riot" is: "a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd." There was no crowd disturbing the peace using violence. Why use such inflammatory words when describing a fight at a minority school---have you used those words to describe similar incidents at other schools? Time for a serious self-check MDJ.

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