Cobb County police have identified the third man found dead at Pinetree Country Club in Kennesaw on Saturday.

Henry Valdez, 46, of California was one of two men found dead in the bed of a white Ram 3500 pickup truck at the 10th hole of Pinetree’s golf course, police said Wednesday morning. The other body found in the bed of the truck was Paul Pierson, 76, of Kansas, the registered owner of the vehicle. Both men had gunshot wounds, police said.

Gene Siller, 46, Pinetree’s head of golf, was shot in the head and killed Saturday at the 10th hole. Police believe Siller, who had gone to investigate why there was a truck on the course, was killed because he witnessed an active crime.

The revelation from police that Pierson was from Kansas is new. The MDJ previously reported Pierson’s truck had a Kansas license plate.

Police continue to search for an unknown suspect connected to the investigation. The relationship between the suspect, Pierson and Valdez is unclear.

“We are aware that the public has many questions, the most pressing one being why this happened; however, it is too early in the investigation to speculate as to motive,” Cobb police said Tuesday.

The unidentified suspect no longer poses an active threat to the public at large, police said Tuesday.

As of noon Wednesday, an online fundraiser established for Siller’s family had raised more than $580,000 from more than 4,000 donors. The fundraiser, titled “The family of Gene Siller, PCC Director of Golf,” can be found on

Cobb County Commissioner JoAnn Birrell, who represents the area, said she had many friends and constituents who are Pinetree members.

“I know that they’re concerned, especially some of them (that) were there and actually witnessed part of it ... I know that the police have been out there and talking to them, and assuring them that they’re not in danger ... we have patrols out there. And, we’re doing everything we can to work with them and try to get to the bottom of this,” Birrell said.

Birrell expressed condolences for Siller’s family.

“I’ve heard from other friends and members (of Pinetree) what a fine man he was,” she said. “He’s got a wife and two young children. So, my heart goes out to them and our thoughts and prayers are with them and we’re here if there’s anything we can do for them.”


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Ima Phan

What’d I miss here? The shooter killed three absolutely innocent bystanders and POOF, he vanishes by just simply walking away. How’s it possible, not a single person within earshot of the sound of gunfire was able to whip out a smart phone and start recording some helpful footage to catch this guy? There had to be some Golf-Cart-driving players on the course this time of day, someone could’ve easily followed yet stay at a safe distance while relaying a 911 call to assist in capturing “this threat”. Oops, what threat? We just read the shooter “no longer poses an active threat to the public at large”. Are you kidding me?

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