Khristopher Garner

Two men are in custody for allegedly breaking into dozens of cars and stealing items including 28 firearms. One of the men is also charged with shooting at two Cobb County victims who confronted him in separate incidents.

Revelation Brown, 21, of Powder Springs, and Khristopher Garner, 19, of Douglasville, were arrested early in the morning of June 26 by officers conducting an overnight sting operation in a west Cobb neighborhood, according to an arrest warrant.

Police believe Brown was caught on tape in at least 38 entering-auto incidents.

In a separate warrant, Brown is charged with opening fire on two men who caught him robbing them. One shooting was reported May 31 in Powder Springs and the other on June 20 in Marietta.

The victim in the latter incident, Jacob Anderson, told Fox 5 he spotted a man going through his car early in the morning and went after him. Anderson chased the man through a nearby subdivision, when the suspect opened fire.

“I’m on the phone with dispatch, I stop to turn around and I hear ‘Pop! Pop! Pop!’” Anderson told the station.

One of the shots ricocheted and grazed his face near his eye, drawing blood but not seriously injuring him.

“Not something you’d expect in west Cobb, this isn’t the kind of community things like that happen,” Anderson said.

According to police, officers from three separate units worked overnight June 24 and 25 to catch the people responsible for the string of break-ins. Officers said they found Brown and Garner actively entering autos.

“Both suspects, Khristopher Garner and Revelation Brown, ran from the pursuing officers,” the warrant states. “Revelation Brown was apprehended immediately and Khristopher Garner fled on foot. K9 officers were able to track and locate Khristopher Garner and take him into custody.”

Police said at the time of the arrest, Brown was wearing clothing matching the suspect captured on video in at least one of the other cases.

Police said he was wearing a backpack that contained four firearms, and a search warrant of his home revealed two more. Five of those six firearms were determined to be stolen, investigators said.

Brown faces ten counts of entering an automobile with the intent to commit theft, two counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and two counts of aggravated assault, all of which are felonies. He is being held at the Cobb County jail without bond.

Garner faces one count of entering an automobile, one count of obstruction and one count of loitering. He was released from jail on $5,000 bond.

Police said from the beginning of the year until June 19, there have been 240 documented cases of entering automobiles, an increase of nearly 170% over last year.


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Mike Nelson

I’m shocked ! They were good boys.

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