Stadium Village Shooting

Students watch as police investigate a shooting across the street at Stadium Village in Marietta on Oct. 6.

One person is dead and two more have been hospitalized as Cobb Police investigate a shooting at the Stadium Village apartments near Kennesaw State University on Sunday.

Sgt. Wayne Delk with Cobb police said officers responded to a call of shots fired and found one man dead.

“Two other victims were transported to the hospital, are at the hospital right now,” he said. “I’m unsure of their status. But this seems to have stemmed from some sort of dispute between neighbors in the same apartment building.”

Akeem Muhammad, a retired veteran who lives nearby, said he was outside at about 11 a.m. when it happened.

“Nobody was out here, it was completely quiet,” Muhammad said. “I know gunshots because I was in the military, I heard ‘pop, pop, pop, pop,’ I heard four shots, and I seen somebody run out of this gate right here.”

Muhammad described the people he saw as two young black men. He said one got into a car and drove off, while the other ran inside an apartment and then ran off in different clothes.

Delk said the deceased is a male, but no further details were immediately available on him, the other victims or the suspect. It’s not clear whether anyone involved was a student.

“Right now we’re following up all leads on who our suspect could possibly be,” Delk said. “We don’t have that confirmed yet, but it seems to be one of the neighbors in the same apartment complex.”

Stadium Village is located across Big Shanty Road from KSU’s Fifth Third Bank Stadium. It is marketed toward students, but is not affiliated with KSU. As the front of the complex was roped off with police tape Sunday afternoon, some residents, unable to leave their rooms, stuck their heads out their front doors and looked around in curiosity.

Across the street, at U Pointe Kennesaw, another apartment complex that caters to students, residents lined up to watch the police work.

One resident, a student who asked that her name not be published, said she is saddened, but not surprised by the shooting.

“You walk around and you see a lot of people here who don’t live here,” she said. “The gates, you can easily get in anywhere around here. At Stadium, the gates over at the front have been broken since the beginning of the year. When we sign our leases, they promise us safety, they promise us security, but that’s not what we get.”

The student said the apartment complexes have security officers, but they only show up to break up parties.

“I don’t go out alone at night,” the student added. “I don’t walk nowhere by myself at night. It’s not even being shot, it’s being approached by people I don’t know, approached by scary dudes.”

Muhammad said he hates seeing violence like this at a school.

“It saddens me to see to see these young kids starting their life, and they can’t even go to school,” he said. “They’re at school. They’re studying. They shouldn’t have to worry about getting killed or someone shooting, they shouldn’t have to worry about that. There should be some sense of security and safety at a school, a church, a mosque, a synagogue. You can’t go to school anymore? What’s left?”


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