MARIETTA — Three new principals will take their posts on July 1 in the Cobb County School District after a unanimous approval from the school board on Wednesday.

Cissi Kale, who serves as principal at Kennesaw Elementary School will take over as principal at Due West Elementary School, and Nathan Stark will take over as principal of Kennesaw Mountain High School, where he serves as assistant principal. Principals Ladonna Starnes and Mark Trachtenbroit will retire from Due West and Kennesaw Mountain, respectively, effective July 1.

Kale will receive an annual salary of $108,697.48, an increase from $87,519.27.

Stark will receive an annual salary of $121,775.04, a bump from his current $90,220.73 pay.

Benji Morrell, who serves as assistant principal at Bullard Elementary School will move to Pickett’s Mill Elementary School as principal, effective July 1. Morrell will receive an annual salary increase from $96,038.32 to $118,425.49.

In other business, the board approved the following staff changes:

♦ Patricia Alford, reassignment to principal, Dodgen Middle School from principal, Durham Middle School, effective July 1;

♦ Andrew Bristow, reassignment to principal, Durham Middle School from principal, Kell High School, effective July 1;

♦ Jeffrey Castle, principal, Timber Ridge Elementary School, resignation effective June 30.

♦ Jenny Douglas, reassignment to principal, Vaughan Elementary School from principal, Pickett’s Mill Elementary School, effective July 1;

♦ Peter Giles, reassignment to principal, Kell High School from principal, Wheeler High School effective July 1;

♦ Paul Gillihan, reassignment to principal, Wheeler High School from principal, Griffin Middle School effective July 1;

♦ Loralee Hill, reassignment to principal, Griffin Middle School from principal, Dodgen Middle School effective July 1;

♦ Shannon McGill, reassignment to principal, Timber Ridge Elementary School from principal, Vaughan Elementary School effective July 1.

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