A new, more streamlined design has been revealed for what will be Cobb County’s tallest building.

German industrial conglomerate Thyssenkrupp is spending around $240 million building its new North American headquarters in Cumberland, including a 420-foot elevator test tower facing The Battery Atlanta near SunTrust Park.

A new design for the tower, comprising 18 elevator shafts, was revealed Thursday.

Gone are the triangular geometric panels cladding one side of the structure, which were part of an earlier design.

The new tower renderings show a sleek rectangular building with flat sides, almost entirely covered in glass.

Dennis Van Milligen, a spokesman for the company, told the MDJ on Thursday that construction of the test tower is on schedule for completion by summer 2021, with an aim for the building to be fully occupied and operational by the end of that year.

Global architecture firm Gensler worked on the tower design.

John Haba, principal in charge of Gensler’s Houston office, said the new tower design celebrates Thyssenkrupp’s “forward-thinking innovation, consumer focused product engineering and commitment to safety.”

“To best showcase their elevator systems, we created a complete glass exterior facade for the test tower, facing the Battery development, that allows millions of visitors to view the operations and function of the elevator systems that are normally completely enclosed in concrete and rarely seen,” Haba said. “By displaying the various elevator systems on the facade of the exterior, we are expressing the Thyssenkrupp brand to the world and providing a glimpse into the engineering and innovation of the products people use in everyday life.”

Thyssenkrupp’s base in Cumberland spans 4.8 acres adjacent to and north of Interstate 285 and on the south side of Circle 75 Parkway.

The test tower, once built, will be one of the tallest of its kind in the world and the tallest in the United States.

It will be used to trial new concepts and product pilots, including high-speed elevators, a two-cabins-per-shaft elevator system known as TWIN, and what the company calls the world’s first rope-less and sideways-moving elevator system, MULTI.

In addition, the tests will also be conducted in the tower to ensure compliance with stringent safety requirements on standard elevators.

More than 900 full-time employees are expected to be based at Thyssenkrupp’s Cumberland complex.


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