The lawsuit filed against Six Flags Over Georgia by a man who was left with permanent brain damage after being beaten outside the park in 2007 while waiting for a bus has been resolved, according to the man’s lawyer.

A Cobb jury previously awarded Joshua Martin $35 million in damages in 2013, with Six Flags responsible for $32 million and the four people who attacked Martin responsible for the rest.

Six Flags appealed the decision, which was reversed by the Georgia Court of Appeals and then reinstated by the Georgia Supreme Court. The state’s high court ruled in 2017 that Six Flags was liable for the 2007 attack, but sent the case back to the trial court to reapportion the $35 million in damages after Six Flags argued that there were more than four attackers who should bear part of the responsibility.

Atlanta attorney Michael Neff, who represented Martin, confirmed on Thursday that the suit had been resolved but did not offer any other details.

“We are happy that after 10 years, the case has been resolved. It has been an honor to represent Joshua Martin,” Neff said in an email.

Martin visited the park on July 3, 2007, to celebrate a friend’s acceptance into college, according to court documents. Martin, then 19 years old, and his friends missed the 9 p.m. bus, and while waiting for the next bus near the entrance to the park, they were attacked by a group of men, some of whom were off-duty Six Flags employees, according to court information.

Martin was beaten with brass knuckles and fell into a coma for a week. He was left with permanent brain damage.


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