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Gary Minter

Verify the immigration status of an employee is not law enforcement as implied by the Latino activist, it is oversight of the integrity of a potential or current employee. If you are here legally, why are your feeling hurt if you are ask for a form of verification?

Rich the Equalizer Pellegrino

The IMAGE program is purely politics and an "image" of being tough on immigrants--we already had and have e-verify which does the same thing so why add on another program---because it is POLITRICKS! What we should be doing instead is telling ICE to stay out of our city and county and welcoming our immigrant community--no matter their status---as they are part of what will make America great--just as our Italian, Irish, German, etc. ancestors, all of whom--by the way--were considered "illegal" at the time. Isn't it time we grow up and learn from our mistakes in the past and stop bullying people who come here to work hard and grow our community? Throw IMAGE in the trashcan along with most other ICE programs---especially if we truly love liberty--and our founding statements--that ALL men are created equal and are entitled to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

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