A Marietta man has been indicted on five criminal charges after police said he hijacked a woman’s Mercedes Benz at gunpoint, drove the $39,000 car through two red lights at 70 mph over the speed limit, crashed it into a tree and fled from police officers on foot.

Francisco Cruz, 21, was indicted by a grand jury in Cobb County Superior Court on Oct. 31, court documents show.

He was indicted on charges of hijacking a car, armed robbery, fleeing police, theft by receiving stolen property and obstructing an officer.

Police said Cruz was with another man when he hijacked a woman’s car while she was in the vehicle at the Westbury Park Apartments complex on Franklin Drive in Marietta just after midnight on May 30.

The two men approached the woman’s car armed with a silver handgun, police said.

“Said accused did demand the victim to step out of the car and for the victim to leave her keys and cellphone in the vehicle,” Cruz’s arrest warrant states. “Said accused did enter the vehicle and flee the scene.”

Cruz drove the stolen Mercedes along South Marietta Parkway through two red traffic lights at the Cobb Parkway and Fairground Street intersections, his arrest warrant states.

Police said he drove at 110 mph through a 40 mph speed limit zone, passing multiple vehicles, crossing road lanes and disobeying traffic control devices while attempting to evade capture.

About six miles away, on Stephens Street, Cruz lost control of the car, hit a curb and smashed into a tree, completely destroying the vehicle, police said.

He then exited the car and fled the scene on foot, his arrest warrant states.

Cruz was apprehended and booked into the Cobb County jail, where he later faced further charges resulting from an inmate attack on sheriff’s deputies, according to records.

Police said Cruz and two other male inmates, Dorian Acosta and Arshade Yates, attacked two deputies as the two officers were trying to “lock down” the inmates around 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 19 inside the Cobb jail.

For that incident, Cruz and the other two inmates were charged with aggravated battery, obstruction, rioting and criminal interference with government property, records show.


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