MARIETTA — Back home within his district from the confines of Washington, D.C., U.S. Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Cassville, spoke out Friday against what he sees are the false media narratives put out against President Donald Trump and the GOP.

“This is the most exciting time, in probably 150, 200 years of this nation, to be involved and to be an American, because we are in a period of reformation that is unbelievable,” Loudermilk told a crowd of several dozen attendees at the monthly Cobb County Republican Women’s Club luncheon, held at the Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel & Conference Center.

“And most people don’t see that because of what we’re experiencing day in and day out, with social media, with a — I know this is a news flash — don’t trust the mainstream media,” Loudermilk added. “There is nothing that the president can do that he is ever going to be praised for in this nation — somebody told me the other day, ‘If all of a sudden, Trump came out and he walked on water, the Democrats would criticize him because he couldn’t swim.’ ... There is no doubt that the policies he is moving are good for America.”

Workers have seen unemployment decreases and increases in pay and bonuses since Trump took office, Loudermilk said, going on to defend the president’s efforts to place tariffs on other countries’ products in order to “level the playing field” and ultimately help U.S. industries.

“Where are we right now? On the verge of an historic free trade deal. Why? Because the president went in and he took the other approach — for so long, he’s like, ‘Tariff, tariff, tariff, I’m going to put tariffs on you guys,’ he goes over to the (European Union) ... what do they do?” Loudermilk said. “They come over here and say, ‘OK, we’re on your terms now. What do we do to cut a deal?’ He said, ‘How about we all get rid of tariffs?’”

Loudermilk went on to compare Trump to “great reformers through history,” such as Copernicus, who had correctly posited that the Earth was not the center of the universe, and Martin Luther, a leader of the Protestant Reformation, saying that both had been deemed heretics after they laid down the evidence toward their respective stances.

“Those who are revolutionaries, those who are reformers, will never get the support of those who are comfortable with the status quo,” he said. “Even if the status quo is destructive, they will never get the support of the status quo.”’

Speaking on his party and of that of the women in attendance, Loudermilk said, “I have never seen more unity in the Republican party than I am seeing right now in Washington, D.C. You may not be seeing it, because the media does not want that to be presented.”

Loudermilk’s remarks came three days after Georgia’s contentious runoff elections that saw Republicans contending for the nominations to three of the state’s top offices — governor, lieutenant governor and secretary of state. But the incumbent was not on a runoff ballot Tuesday nor faced any opposition from within his party in May, awaiting only a general election challenge from Democratic attorney Flynn Broady.

Marsha Stemme, president of the Cobb County Republican Women’s Club, said the GOP’s unity was seen in Georgia a day before Friday’s luncheon, alluding to a “rally” held in Peachtree Corners that featured both Secretary of State Brian Kemp, who won the party’s nomination for this year’s governor’s race, and Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, the Republican he topped in Tuesday’s contest.

“The biggest takeaway I think was when (Loudermilk) said how the Republicans were really united, which is not what we hear at all in the news, and that really was a good thing to know,” Stemme said of the congressman’s remarks.

As Republicans begin to eye November’s general elections, the time is now to turn that unity into action, said CCRWC member Rose Wing, who serves as one of the organization’s committee chairs, shortly after Loudermilk’s address.

“One of the big things to me as a woman Republican (was) that we need to get out there and be actively involved, we need to communicate that the Republican Party is the party of family values, that we are the party, ladies, that is protecting your purse strings, making it better for your financially to take care of your families.”

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(7) comments



Johanna Williams

Hey Loudermilk, when are you going to come clean on your military service record?


Loudermilk doesn't want to talk about that. He knows his opponent Flynn Broady has far superior record of accomplishment serving in the US Army for 26 years and led men in battle overseas. Loudermilk, never left US soil.


"We need to communicate that the Republican Party is the party of family values...."

But the Republican Party is *not* the party of family values. It's the party of separating families and locking children indefinitely in cages.


Loudermilk has simply got to stop lying. Wage increases? What part of stagnant wages does he not understand? Tax cut has been a boon to corporations who are using the savings to buy back their stock which does not generate 1 single job! Deficit on track to hit $1 Trillion this year, a $640BN increase over 2017's deficit.

Laura Armstrong

The Republican party is the party of fiscal conservatism, while Democrats have gone totally Marxist/socialist in their vision of America. Democrats elect 28 year old barmaids who can't articulate the basics of our government and crazy old ladies who incite violence on their own colleagues in the house. At least Loudermilk is CIVIL, unlike most of those on the left who are still screaming that Hilary lost. You have no agenda, Catuskoti, and that is why you must make up lies about "children in cages." Had Obama not advertised and encouraged this illegal colonization, mothers would not have put their children on trains with pedophiles to make the journey here back in 2014.


You must be an outsider who, like Loudermilk, is more concerned about politics in Brooklyn and Washington D.C. than about the interests of voters in Georgia's 11th. He voted to raise medical insurance premiums and to separate families and lock children in cages. Oh, and he lied about his military service record.

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