Morgan Michael Kephart

A Blue Ridge man is facing 11 felony drug charges after an investigation at an apartment near Kennesaw State University turned up hundreds of prescription pills, cocaine, LSD, psychedelic mushroom spores, ecstasy and marijuana.

Morgan Michael Kephart, 25, also faces charges of improperly turning onto Big Shanty Road from George Busbee Parkway.

According to an arrest warrant, when officers pulled Kephart over, they found 31 grams of marijuana, just over an ounce, in his pocket.

Police found more drugs at an address that matches that of The Blake, an apartment complex that caters to college students, according to the warrant.

A search of the apartment also turned up the following:

♦ 103 more grams of marijuana, over three and a half ounces;

♦ Three ounces of mushroom spores — Georgia law considers these spores to be dangerous drugs if they contain psychoactive substances when mature;

♦ Three baggies of cocaine;

♦ 22 strips of LSD;

♦ Five packages of chewable gummies containing THC;

♦ 325 capsules of Gabapentin, a medication used for treating seizures and nerve pain;

♦ 67 pills of Alprazolam, which is used for treating anxiety;

♦ Five Hydrocodone pills, an opioid used to treat severe pain;

♦ Three ecstasy pills with a Punisher logo on them;

♦ Six pills of dextroamphetamine, a stimulant used to treat attention deficit disorder and narcolepsy.

Kephart is being held in the Cobb County jail without bond.


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Marie Lee

I gotta say - he sounds like a guy who knows how to party

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