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Cobb Superior Court Clerk Connie Taylor has been accused by an employee of ordering the destruction of records related an open records request filed with her office.

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Stacey Evans


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Patricia Auch

There is no way this was an innocent “system error.” People don’t say “let’s Donald Trump this thing” and try to destroy evidence when it’s an innocent mistake. Those elected into office need to be held accountable when they abuse their position and betray the public.

A former Clerk's office employee

It's not a system error, nor is the system obsolete. The new accounting system was put in place just before she took office.

Mike Nelson

It’s time for a complete criminal investigation into this ! Chairwoman Cupid needs to demand a complete and thorough audit. Anything less will be a complete disgrace. I expect this to be addressed by the entire BOC immediately. You own this Cupid!

Pat Berry

Taylor will not admit to telling the employee anything and eventually the employee will take the hit and probably lose her job.

Mike Nelson

The headline of the AJC is about the Cobb Superior Court Clerk investigation. It’s just like a story coming out of Atlanta but it’s Cobb. What a disgrace.

O. G.

Mike, if you knew her resume was a compendium of government bureaucratic positions (and she never worked in the private sector or create anything of value) would it surprise you? Metro ATL Bureau of Housing, 3 yrs., Cobb Housing, 1 year, City of ATL grants manager, Georgia dept of community affairs, City of ATL Real Estate division.... that's her previous experience, never longer than a couple years. Until voters disregard the democrats' slogan "Vote Blue No Matter Who" we're going to continue to reward false servants who think government-provided graft like this is all right. Ms. Taylor is quoted thus on her swearing in day:

“The people of Cobb County spoke. They believe in me, and they trust me.”

In less than 2 years, she's shown that not to be true. Resign Ms. Taylor, you're busted. Taxpayers NEVER meant for you to have that money.

richard plent

"Vote Blue No Matter Who, how does that square with your support for Hershel Walker?

Michelle Stone

Well here's where the problem starts: this egregious GEORGIA STATE LAW needs to be fixed pronto! What other county honchos across this state are pulling in these fees for their own bank accounts?

"Federal regulations permit local governments to process passport applications on behalf of the U.S. State Department, charging a $35 processing fee per application. Georgia state law further allows court clerks to keep the proceeds of that fee as personal income."

Howard Peterson

To make matters worse, 95% of Cobb County doesn't even know this foolishness is going on.........

Richard Henry

With the Democrats in charge of the county, no surprise here. That Cupid would come to Taylor's defense is also no surprise. Yet they both know that most of the people in the county will be completely unaware of this malfeasance by Taylor.

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