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Mike Nelson

Cobb BOC has turned into a fiasco.

Jacqlyn Charleat


Larry H.

Is there any precedence for a sitting County Commisioner in GA being removed from office midterm due to state-imposed redistricting?

Nathan Mize

I don't believe so, thus the consternation. In fact there's a strong theory that it's not an automatic thing unless the voters themselves intentionally, and specifically, vote the commissioner out of office. In other words, Commissioner Richardson should be able to serve out her term while the new Legislature-drawn districts remain in place. Unfortunately, relying on said theory doesn't lend itself to the drama and histrionics (on both sides, really) which is why we're going through all this.

Tyler Lahti

What everyone should be able to agree on is that the constitutionality of any of this is certain not clear. The courts will decide, and the Board will move on from there. It's not clear that the Board has done anything unconstitutional. I understand disagreements about what is fair, however, and I have my opinions on that. This has been interesting and sad to watch at the same time. The saddest part has been hearing some of the (what I can only hope are) ill conceived remarks by Commissioners Birrell and Gambrill.

Howard Peterson

It's no different in Cobb County than it is in the US House of Representatives. Nancy Pelosi kicked Democrats off of certain important committees and now McCarthy is doing the same thing to the Democrats. What goes around comes around and the party in control which is now the Republicans have that right. The Republicans are in control of the Georgia legislature and Cobb County has to obey the rules and maps they have drawn. Case Closed!

Howard Peterson

Whoops! Nancy Pelosi has never kicked any Democrat off of any committee! It was Republicans that got the boot. My error!!

richard plent

Do you want traitors like MTG on the homeland security committee?

Howard Peterson

Shes much better than Schiff or SwellWall on the Intelligence committee. So, yes!

RL Bays

QAnon-supporting congressional candidate embraced 9/11 conspiracy theory: https://thehill.com/policy/technology/511888-qanon-supporting-congressional-candidate-embraced-9-11-conspiracy-theory/

Tyler Lahti

Except you did not address the home rule statute

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