A Kennesaw councilman has resigned his post and his daughter, herself a former council member, says she intends to sell her Main Street storefront over the reopening Tuesday of Wildman's, the controversial Confederate-themed shop in the city's downtown.

Councilman James "Doc" Eaton tendered his resignation Tuesday as the shop opened its doors, his daughter Cris Eaton-Welsh confirmed.

Eaton-Welsh, who operates a chiropractor practice a few doors down, told the MDJ she intends to move her business to unincorporated Cobb County in protest.

"We've been told just to wait, and I have to take my responsibility in that because I've waited for 20 years, which means I turned a blind eye for 20 years," Eaton-Welsh told the MDJ.

"I will tell you, if this had been a strip club, it would have been handled 20 years ago, and I think that what they have in there is even more repugnant than a strip club and has no business on Main Street," she added.

Wildman's attracted infamy for decades as a storefront chock-full of Confederate antiques and books, items that caricature African Americans, pro-segregation posters and a decades-old Ku Klux Klan robe. The shop has been shuttered since its longtime owner, Dent Myers, died in January.

The future of the shop remained in question after Myers' death, with the building owned by a trust in Myers' name, per Cobb property records.

The shop is now under the proprietorship of Marjorie Lyon, who reopened its doors Tuesday. Lyon, in a business license application filed with the city and obtained by the MDJ, attested she is the president and sole owner of "Dent Myers Enterprises."

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(7) comments

Penny Morgan

If the opening of a historical shop caused a 20 year congressman to resign, he assuredly wasn't a good congressman to begin with. Liberals just hate (and try to destroy) accurate history of our country. This is one they can't rewrite. Good for the shop owner. I will visit your store.

gee whiz

Thankfully it's just some Kennesaw councilman, not a "20 year congressman." Your glasses are on top of your head where they always are.

Howard Peterson

See ya!!

Mike Nelson

Finally some good news.

Dazzle Faddy

Don't let the door hit you and your daughter on the way out.

Donald Edwards

Not sure I would announce twenty years of misguided hypocrisy. Guess other opinions are not tolerated in her business.

Mark Whisenant

When I initiated an MDJ subscription for my mother, wondered how the comments would be. This is as expected.

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