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Tyler Lahti

Commissioners Birrell and Gambrill need to do their jobs, and the courts will do theirs.

Mike Nelson

Cupid has control now. Lol

richard plent

Cupid was following legal advice from county lawyers. Don’t blame Cupid, the two commissioners were just trying to put on a show.

Howard Peterson

Forget the show....They were trying to do their job!!

Tyler Lahti

They purposefully were not doing their jobs as a stunt like Richard mentioned. Not sure if you had a typo

O. G.

Let's get this straight, mdj. Are you reporting that Jerica Richarson, who is NOT supposed to be seated on the dais now since she was CONSTITUTIONALLY & LEGALLY drawn out of her district, was SITTING THERE VOTING? While at the same time, as Cupid allowed that, she banned the two republicans for trying to vote present?!!! Wait just a minute. The whole meeting needs to be scrubbed. They're operating illegally & why am I not surprised. democrats. Time for some lawsuits by the people.

Lori Loving


William Hicks

Can anyone show just where in the Georgia Constitution that a county government has the authority to draw their own district boundaries? Ms. Richardson moved out of her district, knowing the Georgia Legislature was going to draw new boundaries. In the past, the state legislature considered request from counties as to how to draw a district but were under no obligation to do so. Personally, I believe Ms. Richardson should be allowed to remain on the board until the next time her seat comes up for reelection, then she can make up her mind about running for it from her new residence, which is in another district.

George Don Spruill

So, Lisa Cupid doesn’t want the board to be a circus? Sorry, Chairwoman, but when you worthless Democrats mimic the national evil, wicked, Godless, Satanic, Democrats, the board IS a circus and you are the ringmaster. When Democrats are in charge of anything, disgusting, outlaw behavior follows. No one should be surprised. I’m sure not.

O. G.

This is a whitewashed version of what actually happened. The East Cobb News has a better, more detailed report. No matter what the situation with the commissioner who moved out of her district, Cupid has no right to disenfranchise MORE THAN HALF the county by banishing their reps from the dais. She cannot hold that power!

As much as we complained about previous govt officials, this one takes the cake. Only with democrats are such controversies & power grabs a regular thing.

Tyler Lahti

They didn't vote, in violation of Board rules. They disenfranchised their own constituents

Pierce McWaters

Its very unfortunate time today for Cobb County, as a 60 year resident of this county, I have never been so embarrassed at such Despicable behavior of the 3 Democrats which is led by the "Demonic Cupid" at the helm. I can look back at our county history and say we have actually had some Very effective democrat commissioners who were sincerely had Cobb's best interest first.

What we have today in Cobb County is just a local "circus" of thir same party in D.C which has turned our economy into chaos and the laughingstock of the rest of the world.

Our Cobb County Needs a New Chairman who has the executive experience to lead with integrity, diplomacy, consensus building communication skills and most of all accountability.

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