Pictured from left to right are Kari B. Love, Jeri Barr, Lee Smith, and DiShonda Hughes. Photo special to the MDJ.

The Atlanta Women’s Foundation (AWF) announced a second year of funding for the Women’s Pathway to Success Program.

The foundation awarded a total of $500,000 to 10 local nonprofit organizations to provide a critical combination of services needed to move women to economic self-sufficiency. This combination of services includes access to workforce training and development, microenterprise development, childcare assistance, financial literacy and employment opportunities for women living at or below 200-percent of the federal poverty level.

One of this year’s recipients, The Center for Family Resources, has been awarded $50,000.

“Returning women to the workforce increases family income and exponentially strengthens communities,” said Kari B. Love, AWF’s CEO. “Evidence demonstrates that increases in women’s income lead to improvements in children’s health, nutrition and education. AWF’s transformative program will reduce poverty and eliminate barriers to employment for women in metro Atlanta.”

The Center for Family Resources is on a mission to move people to self-sufficiency through financial stabilization, housing and education. The organization offers services to low-income and homeless families in Cobb County in three program areas – direct services, housing, and employment and education. The AWF’s grant will be used to support an incentive program for unemployed and under-employed women enrolled in housing services programs.

This program area provides both a short-term, 30-day shelter and a permanent housing program. Support for move-in costs for homeless families moving to permanent housing, rental subsidies for three to six months, assistance with child care expenses, transportation, food, household items, life skills, and mental and physical health needs are also provided for program participants. Women enrolled in the program will earn cash incentives for accomplishing goals that increase their capacity to obtain greater self-sufficiency for their family.

For more information, please visit www.atlantawomen.org.


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